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  1. DX2069

    All of China’s Exclusive “Pokemon GO” Cards Revealed!

    I really need that new radiant eevee that’s sick!
  2. DX2069

    Ultra PRO Releasing Premium Togepi Card Sleeves Under Brand New “APEX” Line; Deck Box Also Releasing!

    I’m just happy they are gloss I wish the ETBs would go back to gloss the matte ones are unusable for me as I like to see the cards
  3. DX2069

    “Pokemon TCG Pocket” Gameplay Differences Analyzed, 40 “Genetic Apex” Cards Revealed So Far!

    I don’t understand the point of this game are they trying to kill the game they just released last year? And I wonder if any of the new arts shown will end up on real cards at some point? All of this is pointless
  4. DX2069

    “Pokemon TCG Pocket” Immersive Collecting App Coming in 2024!

    This is so weird like they just released pokemon live so should I stop playing that now? I wish live had the trading mechanic the old game had
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    Play! Pokemon “Prize Pack Series Four” Releasing in February!

    Yeah I suppose age isn’t too big of a deal I just know how things are now a days where if ur “older” and are having any interaction with anyone younger then your looked at as a weirdo sadly. Like I just wanna go okay and have a good time possibly winning cool things. Mayb I’m over thinking all...
  6. DX2069

    Play! Pokemon “Prize Pack Series Four” Releasing in February!

    Thanks for the tip. My local store has tournaments a lot and I have always gone to look around during them but never remember to bring a deck to play but I saw some kid walk out with what looked like 1+ packs a playmat stickers posters a lot and I was so jealous. I guess I’m scared of looking...
  7. DX2069

    Play! Pokemon “Prize Pack Series Four” Releasing in February!

    I wish you didn’t have to play in a whole ass tournament to get access to these free items
  8. DX2069

    New “Armarouge ex Premium Collection” in April!

    I love these kinds of boxes. I really wish they would release an ultra pro binder bundle with each set like how they did with 151
  9. DX2069

    “Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic” Deck Lists, Holo Patterns, and Details!

    Do these sets have code cards in them? These would look sick in TCG Live
  10. DX2069

    New Blastoise V and Venusaur V Releasing in China, Long After Pokemon V Are Over!

    Yeah it’s super weird and gonna make the cards so inflated in value
  11. DX2069

    New Blastoise V and Venusaur V Releasing in China, Long After Pokemon V Are Over!

    It’s deff weird that china is in its own bubble that they needed their own sense of the rules
  12. DX2069

    New “Crown Zenith” Booster Bundle Available at Walmart!

    How can something that’s a Black Friday deal be sold already for the normal price before it’s even Black Friday. I saw this at Walmart today it’s so weird how sus walmart can be
  13. DX2069

    New Blastoise V and Venusaur V Releasing in China, Long After Pokemon V Are Over!

    Does this mean that china has their own like competitor rules for tourneys? Cause if I’m not mistaken these cards aren’t even legal anymore in standard or are about to not be soon. They also by giving china special rules and arts cause those cards to be Uber valuable and over inflates the market...
  14. DX2069

    New Pokemon Center Double Deck Boxes, Card Sleeves, and Playmats!

    I really would love to use these sleeves but like the ones in recent ETB’s they are matte not gloss and I hate them
  15. DX2069

    Excited for Pokémon go

    Excited for Pokémon go
  16. DX2069

    Slaking V Full Art, Professor Willow Rainbow Rare, and Pull Rates from “Pokemon GO” Revealed!

    Why is everyone hating on this set so hard??? That’s fine you guys can not buy this set more for me lol as a Pokémon go player I am so freaking excited for this set and event in Pokémon go
  17. DX2069

    'VMAX Rising,' Japan's February Set!

    so are they just recycling the set names cause Vmax Rising sounds a lot like Guardians Rising so is the third set going to be play on burning shadows??
  18. DX2069

    'TAG Team - Powers Collection' in March!

    well I am happy they are releasing these but damn I didn't realize there was so damn many cards they didn't give us and as a eeveeloution collector im really upset that all of those cards aren't going to be coming here I hope they figure out some way to make them come here cause im upset
  19. DX2069

    Galar Partner Tins in February, Feature Rillaboom V, Cinderace V, Inteleon V!

    I really don’t like this new generation idk just something about it all is just meh to me