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  1. Niku

    XY Mega Pokémon: Which Pokémon Would You Like To See With A Mega Evolution?

    I like that alot more, and fire/fairy is quite interesting :3
  2. Niku

    XY Mega Pokémon: Which Pokémon Would You Like To See With A Mega Evolution?

    I would like to see a Mega Rapidash, make it turn into a fire pegasus. Have it be fire/flying with inscreased Attack stat. Maybe giving it the ability Drought, I think that would be quite nice to see.
  3. Niku

    XY Shiny Pokémon Mechanics: Less Rare in X / Y

    RE: Shiny Pokémon in X / Y: Less Rare & More Special I think they should be a little bit easier to find instead of a what 1/8000 chance
  4. Niku

    (Updated) Is this a good Keldeo / Blastoise Deck?

    So I started the TCG this year and this is the deck I've been using currently. Its very fun but I've been having trouble with frozen city and Leafeon (Plasma Freeze) Updated: Made some changes, had some trouble getting some of the cards seeing the people who go to the same tourney that I go...
  5. Niku

    Best Pokémon Theme Song?

    RE: Best Pokémon Theme Song? Pokemon Johto theme :3
  6. Niku

    Pokemon What is your favorite Pokémon music/remix?

    RE: What is your favorite Pokemon music/remix? I like the Giratina battle from pokemon platinum :3
  7. Niku

    XY Pokémon X / Y : Disappointments & Possible Improvements

    I havent played X yet however from what i read and saw, im noy much of a fan to the lack of new pokemon. I think the new Mega-Evolutions are completely stupid. From the gameplay that i see they could have been a little more creative with some of the newer pokemon, I dislike that there are...
  8. Niku

    Skrillex Thread

    Ehh, Skrillex had some good stuff early on. But I find artists like City 17, Savant, and KATFYR alot better then his newish stuff. KATFYR - Binary City 17 - Ignite It Savant - You Can Play...
  9. Niku

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello my name is Niku, I joined this site for Pokemon TCG and VG, I found this site while searching for deck match ups. I like to watch anime, and read manga. I enjoy playing Rhythm games such as Osu! and Stepmania. When I am not studing, I like to play Diablo 3 or just hang with friends. I am...
  10. Niku

    Pokemon Vote for PokéBeach's Favorite Pokémon! (Voting Phase)

    RE: Vote for PokeBeach's Favorite Pokemon! (Voting Phase) 1. Blastiose 2. Keldeo 3. Purloin 4. Sylveon 5. Mega Houndoom 6. Weavile 7. Ho-Oh 8. Cobalion 9. Roserade 10. Honchkrow 11. Plusle 12. Jolteon 13. Slowking 14. Marshtomp 15. Walrein