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  1. Porygonbail

    All of China’s Exclusive “Pokemon GO” Cards Revealed!

    brb gotta ponder the raticate orb
  2. Porygonbail

    Target Stores Cracking Down on TCG Scalpers

    Dont pokemon boxes have those theft-protection-thingies? We have those on pokemon products where I live, and you can not take them through self checkout. The Smyth Toys chain here also keeps all trading card products behind the cashier and service desks. You have to go there and ask for...
  3. Porygonbail

    “Pokemon TCG: Holiday Calendar” 2024 Revealed for August!

    huh. I didnt even realize they released it so early last year.
  4. Porygonbail

    Zoroark, Zorua from “Night Wanderer”

    I wouldnt count myself as a huge fan of Zorua, but that fullart is peak adorable! Oh to be a Zorua, napping on a shrine.
  5. Porygonbail

    Kingdra ex Promo from “Kingdra ex Special Illustration Collection” Revealed!

    I want to get this box so bad! Hope my wallet wont perish
  6. Porygonbail

    Duskull, Dusclops, and Dusknoir from “Night Wanderer!”

    That joke out of my system: love all three of those! They would certainly give me more than just the heebeegeebees if I saw them!
  7. Porygonbail

    Pokemon Center to Launch in Australia and New Zealand!

    With how many wildly fluctuating VAT differences there are in the EU, I am not terribly surprised the EU didnt get a center yet ( no. UK does not count legaly due to brexit ) This being said though, I was pleasantly surprised they acknowledge that Australia exists! This will make the day of...
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    Japanese Pokemon Center TCG Accessories for May!

    Same, Pikachu. Same. Love all of these! Also love how the Glitchattack divider uses a gameboy colorscheme
  9. Porygonbail

    GameStop To Begin Buying and Selling Graded Pokemon Cards Next Week, Selling Pokemon Singles in Stores!

    I feel anxiety when I look at that singles display. Gamestop, this isnt a fleamarket! Put them in a binder!!!
  10. Porygonbail

    Tatsugiri Illustration Rare from “Mask of Change!”

    I did not have "Keith Haring-esque pokemonart" on my 2024 bingo card, but it works for tatsugiri
  11. Porygonbail

    Tera Charizard ex and Chien-Pao ex “Battle Master Decks” Revealed for May!

    I am no fan of zard and I find the terrahats too silly looking AND YET I like this one!! This art is really good!!
  12. Porygonbail

    GoHenry Launches Pokemon TCG Debit Cards in the US and UK!

    The idea of a ten year old with a debit card feels so alien to me. But then again I myself was ten 28 years ago and times change. I wonder how this app works, and how those skills are taught, but that has nothing to do with the cards. I am glad education on that front is getting easier to...
  13. Porygonbail

    Alakazam from “Mask of Change”

    I like the illustration for abra a lot. There is something about the composition, colorchoices and atmosphere that I would want to hang on my wall.
  14. Porygonbail

    “Temporal Forces” Set Guide: Card List, Secret Rares, Cut Cards, Products, and More!

    Do any of you remember this series of Dinosaur artwork where the dinosaurs head would always be the absolute closest to the front, giving them a bobblehead appearance, and the where always screaming? Thats sadly what many of the ex cards remind me of. Would be cool if they tried to display an...
  15. Porygonbail

    “Crimson Haze” Secret Rares Revealed!

    I try not to sound bitter, but I am pretty sure the eevee card will just get shoved into a special box over here. Either one of the trainer boxes or a special eevee box or something.
  16. Porygonbail

    TPCi Doubles Pokemon TCG Vending Machines to 200 Locations, Including California!

    Out of curiosity, if someone knows: is there a maximum amount of items you can get out of a maschine with the same creditcard? Or is it possible for a single scalper to empty one over the course of a morning? Just genuinely curious, not saying that this is happening.
  17. Porygonbail

    Help The "What Should I Buy?" Thread

    Not 100% sure if this is the right thread to ask, but its the one closest to my question I could find. So last friday the new stackable tins where released. I collect them for storage reasons, actually, but I noticed something odd. It seems that all english language tins have obsidian flame...
  18. Porygonbail

    Farigiraf from “Crimson Haze”

    I am not sure what to think of girafarigs artwork here. It gives me Toy store glitter glue vibes. But maybe thats just me.
  19. Porygonbail

    eBay Publishes Pokemon TCG Stats for 2023!

    Can confirm that cardmarket is indeed very good and relyable