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  1. aaron2310

    Five Futsal-Themed Pokemon Promos Coming to the UK!

    Being sent to Game after work today to pick this one up for the Mrs since she collects Eevees. lol
  2. aaron2310

    Worlds and 2020 Season Cancelled, Points Will Roll Over to Next Year

    Glad to hear it's still going to take place in London next year. Was really looking forward to spectating.
  3. aaron2310

    'League Battle Decks' Info Revealed, Replacing Battle Arena Decks!

    Really impressed with this. May have to pick both up.
  4. aaron2310

    Zarude, the Rogue Monkey Pokemon, Revealed!

    I would absolutely love that! At first it sounds kind of uninspired, but it's just pure brilliance!
  5. aaron2310 to Release Eevee and Evolutions Funko Figures!

    My lady would love these! Shame the Pokemon Center doesn't ship internationally. Hopefully these'll be available elsewhere.
  6. aaron2310

    Worlds 2020 To Be Held at ExCeL London!

    Does anyone know when the spectator passes typically go up for sale?
  7. aaron2310

    Pokemon VMAX, Sword & Shield Cards, Meowth V MAX Special Collection Revealed!

    That I've seen Evolution Incense x 2, Lucky Egg, PokeKid, Hop, GreatBall, Professor's Research, Marnie, Rotom Bike, Quick Ball.
  8. aaron2310

    Worlds 2020 To Be Held at ExCeL London!

    Hopefully be able to get some spectator tickets! :D
  9. aaron2310

    Pokemon Adventures Thread (Pokemon Special)

    I love Pokemon Adventures. When I was a kid I randomly found issue 2 of the little magazine version they had in the UK. I eventually found out what it really was a couple of years back and have been slowly buying the series since. I'm on Diamond and Pearl, and I've managed to find Heart Gold and...
  10. aaron2310

    'Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution' Debuting on Netflix on Pokemon's Anniversary!

    I was hoping we'd get this in the cinema in November last year, like we have for the last couple of years of Pokemon movies, but I'm glad it's coming out somewhere. Looking forward to actually giving this a go.
  11. aaron2310

    'Pokemon Coco' Movie Trailer Revealed!

    We're still waiting for the English release of Evolution :(
  12. aaron2310

    'TAG TEAM Generations Premium Collection' in November!

    No Piplup and Blastoise card :( Glad to see them on the mat though!
  13. aaron2310

    Blastoise & Piplup Playmat for Q2 League Cups, Other League Rewards!

    Love the mat! Want that so bad! Shame I'm terrible at the game and don't go to the league stuff. lol
  14. aaron2310

    Discussion Question About Card Sleeves

    I find table shuffling with those kinds of sleeves is helpful too.
  15. aaron2310

    TCG Boxes in January Feature Unnnamed Pokemon

    It's only the once, I believe. It's the GX attack.
  16. aaron2310

    McDonalds 2019 Pokemon Promos and Toys!

    So glad they're doing another Eevee. The Mrs is gonna be happy!
  17. aaron2310

    Question pokemone

    There are the fan-made ones. I don't know if the installation files are still knocking around somewhere. Pokemon Uranium, was it?
  18. aaron2310

    Next Pokemon Anime Series Titled 'Pocket Monsters,' Features All Regions

    Some possible artwork for the new run.
  19. aaron2310

    'Tag All Stars' Set Revealed in 'CoroCoro!'

    Not a fan of the Eevee, but the chubby cheeks Dedenne is adorable!