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    What is Your Rarest Card? (Value Wise)

    Jirachi ex FA Colress FA Prof. Juniper FA
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    Best and Worst EX

    Best:Mew ex, I NEVER PULLED ONE :'(((((( Worst:NOT JIRACHI!! It was my first ex pull without a tin or box, So it's nostalgic to me. Plus it has stellar guidance, Worst is: Celebi ex, 110 Hp (LOW) and not a good ability... I guess.
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    Pokemon What's Your Favorite Pokémon and Why?

    I did choose that guy but I no need to waste my sig, It's obvious, Mew. When Pokemon came to me I had changed my favorites multiple times, From charizard to dragonite to rayquaza, etc. Mew is my longest laster so far, Although the pink isnt hot pink (>:() I still love mew, It's abilities...
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    Thx, But it was a random date XD.

    Thx, But it was a random date XD.
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    Art Gallery Avatars and Art v.2. [Xerneas and Yveltal Avatars Added in Latest Post]

    RE: Avatars and Art v.2. Xerneas and Yveltal avatars added in latest post. I'll use mew.