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  1. Scattered mind

    “Pokemon Sleep” Releases Later This Year!

    And have you wake up with a different drawing on your profile picture.. think of the possibilities.. There aren't many if them but it is still way better than their idea.
  2. Scattered mind

    New Paradox Pokemon: Walking Wake and Iron Leaves!

    Terrible. But might grow on me later on. So basically my usual reaction to every Pokemon reveal since gen 6.
  3. Scattered mind

    Discussion what game are you going to get?

    Scarlet... Just for the colors... And that armored Pokemon is nice.
  4. Scattered mind

    Discussion Favorite Scarlet & Violet Starter?

    The grass cat might be my favorite so far but that duck is also a good option. The fire hippo does not look promising. Anyway grass cat for a first light weight grass starter since a while now And duck for the goofy appeal.
  5. Scattered mind

    General Name Changes

    scattered mind - Scattered mind Always bothered me.
  6. Scattered mind

    Question Game Freezing when using GTS

    Try to avoid Pokemon listed in the GTS with no OT, Gender or other details missing. The GTS is full of hacks. Simply deposit Pokemon for the missing ones. What Pokemon are you missing?
  7. Scattered mind

    Question New Member! Question regarding VG collection

    I dont know about where you should sell them but I do know when. And it is now. From what I understand the value of these games has been growing recently but the value is already starting to slow down. There is a lot more information on videos from Youtube that I think you can use.
  8. Scattered mind

    Discussion Pokemon Legends Arceus - Your Predictions

    Lets make this thread a place for our predictions for the upcoming original game. This can be anything from the game mechanics to how you think the story will unfold. My first prediction: Shiny Pokemon hunting, is going to be huge! Imagine how you just travel like Link in BOTW in search of...
  9. Scattered mind

    Discussion Brilliant or Shining? Which Version Are You Getting?

    Thats a good point. The Legends Arceus coming out just a little after these games may put pressure on some to wait and see if its even worth buying the 2 games, but more than that it kinda prevents people from even thinking about purchasing both versions like some used to.
  10. Scattered mind

    Games Big Brother 12: Beach

    To both finalists, please explain more about your alliances. Did you start them? How did you operate within them? Did you come across any moral or stratigic dilemmas with them?
  11. Scattered mind

    Discussion Pokemon Unite

    Im waiting for the phone version as well (or the right time for me to buy a new switch). I wasnt sure it was free to play so thats great. Ill be sure to check the gameplay to see what its all about.
  12. Scattered mind

    Discussion Brilliant or Shining? Which Version Are You Getting?

    What version fo you think is the better one? Based on the original games, or just your feeling. I like Dialga more than Palkia but thats just the legendary which is not a very important factor for me.
  13. Scattered mind

    Help Is This Card Fake?

    Yeah it is fake. You can tell it by the fact that Hitmontop doesnt suppose to have a Fighting weakness. And a bunch of lots of other things.
  14. Scattered mind

    Discussion Playing a Pokemon Game Spoiler Free

    Have you ever played a Pokemon main game without having any idea about whats going to happen? For me it used to be the case up until Gen 4 when I started consuming every single detail people had before the release. But I always had this small desire to just play the game blindly. I always...
  15. Scattered mind

    Happy belated birthday!

    Happy belated birthday!
  16. Scattered mind

    Finished Mafia LXI: Forest Fire: Game Over!

    That was one fun game! It was intense but also respectful and enjoyable. Congratulations jabber! NP- Thank you for hosting and the great flavor. (That who who joke gave me chuckles)
  17. Scattered mind

    Finished Mafia LXI: Forest Fire: Game Over!

    Ayy.. too busy to post and too late I guess.. you guys nailed it. Good job! jk
  18. Scattered mind

    Finished Mafia LXI: Forest Fire: Game Over!

    Again. I already explained why I read jabber as scum and everyone else town. Seriously I am done repeating myself.
  19. Scattered mind

    Finished Mafia LXI: Forest Fire: Game Over!

    I reread and I can’t find anything I didn’t answer already in one way or another. jabber is the only option by PoE but it also makes sense- as there is nothing townie you can say about him that you can’t say about all the players now. His vote on vom instead of me was meant to make sure I will...