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  1. Saur17

    Duskull, Dusclops, and Dusknoir from “Night Wanderer!”

    I really like the cards, is so cool when is a evolution line and the same artist does them all, like the Deerling - Sawsbuck we just got, is su beautiful, and this line is no exception. Now for the effects in game, cannot tell if are viable, more considering is a Stage 2 line.
  2. Saur17

    “Shrouded Fable” Special Pokemon TCG Set Revealed for August!

    I was at first thinking like: cool, they are reprinting the Greninja from Twilight Masquerade but then oh, is not that one. Still the art is pretty nice.
  3. Saur17

    “Twilight Masquerade” Set Guide: Full Card List, Secret Rares, Cut Cards, Products, and More!

    I like the Carmine Full art and Greninja SIR looks sick, pretty awesome illustration. I like this set overall even with unfair stamp in it but let's see if it actually breaks the game.
  4. Saur17

    Pokemon TCG Earned Record $857 Million in Japan for 2023, More Than Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, and Others Combined!

    You are only complaining about the registration process, not logistics, plus, Pokémon is not the only game doing that. Digimon, One Piece and many other games does the same thing reserving spaces for the events, so is not an only Pokémon issue in such case. You are mixing your terms and issues...
  5. Saur17

    Pokemon TCG Earned Record $857 Million in Japan for 2023, More Than Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, and Others Combined!

    While is true that more people play Yu-Gi-Oh! you have to consider two things: You don't have to reserve your place at a YGO event, for most you only go and the same day you can register for the event. In Pokémon, there is limited space for each game (VGC, TCG, GO, Unite) because all are held...
  6. Saur17

    “Mask of Change” Secret Rares and Pull Rates!

    The contrast between gold and green doesn't look bad, but yeah, Garchomp and Charizard look really weird.
  7. Saur17

    “Morning Meadow” Ultra PRO Gallery Series Revealed

    These Ultra PRO products with stock images reminds me a lotto the Dream World.
  8. Saur17

    “Twilight Masquerade” Pokemon TCG Set Officially Revealed for May!

    It is kind of mid, you can truly OHKO Charizard with the grass type but anything else, will require more energy attached to both and hoping the grass can survive. I can see it pair with a couple of Gardenia's, Hero's Cape to give them more HP and combined with the rest of the other types to...
  9. Saur17

    New “Paradox Clash Tins” Releasing in May!

    Nice, is still way later than the first release of these mons but is good to haven them as promos, specially Iron Leaves that will see competitive play.
  10. Saur17

    “Temporal Forces” Prerelease Promos Revealed!

    I really like Feraligatr the most but all of them are nice. No matter which one I get, any option will be cool to get in the pre-release event.
  11. Saur17

    “Pokemon TCG Pocket” Immersive Collecting App Coming in 2024!

    This is Pokemon Duel Links. Want to catch the most casual people to get into the game without going to a store to play, and more likely, having in game purchases and probably will be with less prizes and nothing broken.
  12. Saur17

    Love Ball Revealed from “Crimson Haze!”

    I would prefer to run Great Ball, but the illustration looks cute.
  13. Saur17

    Infernape Line, Pinsir, and New Illustration Rares Revealed from “Crimson Haze!”

    My hope is Ogerpon to be good and still to be a grass type, but really it looks like is a rule for developers to make grass type weak, unplayable, bad or all at the same time. Most grass have been pretty mid so far.
  14. Saur17

    All Pokemon Day 2024 Store Giveaways for the Pokemon TCG!

    In Latin America don't think we can get it or not sure yet. All the stores listed when you select Latin America as your region are from Spain, except from Amazon that I haven't seen participates on these promotions anyways.
  15. Saur17

    First “Crimson Haze” Cards Revealed, Including Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex!

    Didn't think of the TM, but reading the card, I don't think will work because the ability specifies the attack's name to reduce the energy cost.
  16. Saur17

    First “Crimson Haze” Cards Revealed, Including Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex!

    I think it fits basically any deck now that I think of it. Even if your opponent is two prize left, you only need one energy, boss's orders and KO for game a two prize Pokemon.
  17. Saur17

    First “Crimson Haze” Cards Revealed, Including Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex!

    Well, the Enhanced Hammer reprint could be bad news for Lugia, Arc piles and any other deck that relies on DTE (sorry Meowscarada), it might even affect Bloodmoon Ursaluna if can be a deck using DTE but too soon to guess. Unfair Stamp looks OP but as is only a one of, but being a item and...
  18. Saur17

    First “Crimson Haze” Cards Revealed, Including Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex!

    And now that you are behind prices (after using Forretress ex's ability) you can use Counter Catcher lol Definitely have its plays. Let's see what the rest of the set looks like.
  19. Saur17

    “Twilight Masquerade” Pokemon TCG Set Releasing in May!

    Hope could be a good grass Pokémon finally.