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  1. coolcorsola

    “Paradise Dragona” Set Name Trademarked for the Pokemon TCG!

    I’m surprised Hassel wasn’t saved for this set instead since he’s the dragon type specialist
  2. coolcorsola

    “Night Wanderer” Set Releasing in June, Features The Loyal Three!

    Isn’t it weird that Kitakami is being dragged out to three sets? Or is it just me that thinks that? Crimson Haze, Night Wanderer and Mask of Change which are all pretty spaced out too. Like there’s not that many new Pokémon introduced into the first DLC to stretch it out to three sets, I’m more...
  3. coolcorsola

    “Night Wanderer” Set Releasing in June, Features The Loyal Three!

    I’m so sad we have to wait until July for a Terapagos card, but I bet the alt it will ultimately get will be beautiful and full of rainbow gems and every tera type crystals swirling around them.
  4. coolcorsola

    “Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge” Secret Rares Revealed!

    I’m just happy Torterra is getting a textured full art
  5. coolcorsola

    “Shiny Treasure ex” Secret Rares Revealed: 170 Cards!

    Why haven’t the baby shinies or full art shinies been updated? ?
  6. coolcorsola

    Shiny Scyther, Scizor from Shiny Treasure ex!

    Lucario/Riolu and Scizor/Scyther already got shiny cards in the other shiny sets, would be nice to get some other Pokémon that haven’t gotten shinies
  7. coolcorsola

    New Shiny Pokemon, Great Tusk ex, Iron Treads ex, Mime Jr., and More from “Shiny Treasure ex!”

    The connected HYGONOSUKE artworks continue with Mime Jr! Looks like we may be missing just one more to complete the whole image Edit: never mind it’s complete now lol
  8. coolcorsola

    Van Gogh Museum Cancels Pikachu Promo Distribution!

    This will keep happening every time they do this. Does that mean Pokémon should just stop doing promos then? They can provide better support for the other parties/events/companies involved. My comment comes from a place of them trying to work on an active solution to fix this now and in the...
  9. coolcorsola

    Van Gogh Museum Cancels Pikachu Promo Distribution!

    Can’t they just get law enforcement to take care of this small group of people? Have security outside of the museum and local police aware of a group of people hassling others. I don’t think this warrants cancelling the promo - this is gonna happen with every promo they do, they just need to...
  10. coolcorsola

    All 30 “Raging Surf” Secret Rares!

    I kinda like the regular full art more honestly. I would’ve wanted something a bit more different for the SIR, too similar to the full art
  11. coolcorsola

    “Crimson Haze,” “Night Wanderer,” “Mask of Change” Set Names Trademarked for the TCG!

    Shouldn’t there be a Terapagos set too? Ogerpon is getting the mask one, I can see that coming out early next year. But the Crimson and Night sets don’t really fit Terapagos vibe, so I wonder if they won’t get anything until much later still. Could relate to some DLC Pokémon we’ve yet to hear...
  12. coolcorsola

    Squirtle Promo with Pokemon Center “151” Preorders

    You can always just buy the promos for a couple of bucks as singles
  13. coolcorsola

    “Pokemon Card 151” Secret Rare Cards Revealed — God Packs Confirmed!

    w i love them! I think people forget full arts are the only ones that have unique textured patterns. Even textured alts rarely have any unique textured patterns on them. If they take full arts away then we would be losing some cool texturing with it forever. I’d be very sad about that. ...
  14. coolcorsola

    Zapdos ex Special Illustration Rare from “Pokemon Card 151,” Kanto Starters to Get Illustration Rares!

    I still like the stain glass promo they got better. The art looks fine, but it’s a bit boring ?‍♂️
  15. coolcorsola

    “Ancient Roar” and “Future Flash” Releasing in October, New Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur ex Decks!

    So odd that Iron Valiant and Roaring Moon wouldn’t be the first featured paradox Pokémon (besides the Donphan ones) and save Walking Wake and Iron Leaves for the first set next year after the DLC has released
  16. coolcorsola

    Venusaur ex, Charizard ex, Blastoise ex, and More Revealed from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    Oh great, Erika alt will be the new $1000 waifu card for this set
  17. coolcorsola

    Full Art Ting-Lu ex & Illustration Rare Heracross from ‘Clay Burst’!

    You all are forgetting full arts have unique textured patterns that even alt arts don’t get. I love full arts