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  1. ProfesserPopplio

    Illustration Rares, Pidgeot ex, and More Revealed from “Ruler of the Black Flame!”

    That pidgeot would be better if it wasn’t a stage 2
  2. ProfesserPopplio

    The Secret to Chien-Pao

    Chien-Poa is kinda mid ngl
  3. ProfesserPopplio

    Deck Lists for Ampharos ex and Lucario ex “ex Battle Decks”

    Don’t tell me that for stage 2’s, they’re gonna do 3-2-1. I know that these decks aren’t meant to be competitively good but they should still have a good count
  4. ProfesserPopplio

    Cycling Road from ‘Pokemon Card 151’!

    New default stadium for garde ?
  5. ProfesserPopplio

    Kabutops, Omastar, Old Dome Fossil from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    So happy there bringing back fossils
  6. ProfesserPopplio

    Onix, Raichu from ‘Pokemon Card 151’!

    Imagine the combo in expanded ?
  7. ProfesserPopplio

    Iono and Grusha Special Illustration Rares Revealed!

    Time to sell the 13 kidneys I have. (They magically appeared)
  8. ProfesserPopplio

    Orthworm from ‘Snow Hazard’!

    Cute worm moment
  9. ProfesserPopplio

    Grafaiai, Shroodle from Clay Burst!

    Seems pretty decent. Not groundbreaking but maybe a decent rouge deck
  10. ProfesserPopplio

    Local Events Return! League Cups Begin April 14th!

    I’m happy to hear this, I don’t have any big events near me to get cp easily.
  11. ProfesserPopplio

    Copperajah ex from ‘Snow Hazard’!

    Looks pretty cool ngl. Might be a decent decent side deck
  12. ProfesserPopplio

    Glimmora, Glimmet from ‘Snow Hazard’!

    Looks pretty decent for pre-release
  13. ProfesserPopplio

    “Trainer’s Toolkit 2023” Revealed, Contains Arceus V and Arceus VSTAR!

    Kinda weird there doing this in the SV era bug sure
  14. ProfesserPopplio

    “Paldea Evolved” Set Logo and Merchandise Unveiled!

    I’m surprised they are combining the sets