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  1. Fantomet78

    “Combined Powers Premium Collection” and New February Releases Coming!

    Yes that is the feeling! Will we ever get another Eeveelutions box lineup like the ones with Vaporeon Jolteon and Flareon
  2. Fantomet78

    News Cards for Paradox Rift printed in the Netherlands + new BB case format

    Anyone here discussing that we now see cards printed in the EU or is it old news? Couldn’t find anything at a first glanz!
  3. Fantomet78

    “Paradox Rift” Set Guide: Card List, Secret Rares, Cut Cards, Products, and More!

    Anyone speaking about the new Booster Box case and pack/cards printed in the EU?
  4. Fantomet78

    Detective Pikachu Promo Preorder Bonus!

    I ordered from Pokemon Center Online Japan! ?
  5. Fantomet78

    “Paradox Rift,” November’s English Set!

    Since it is small I would call it Suicu-raptor ?
  6. Fantomet78

    Charizard ex Hyper Rare Revealed from “Obsidian Flames,” Get in PTCG Live During Worlds!

    That Hyper Rare doesn’t do it for me but that SAR that is the good stuff! ??
  7. Fantomet78

    “Clay Burst” Made-to-Order Booster Boxes Announced for Pokemon Center Website!

    Yes they should! Sell on site one per account per week. It’s kind of ridiculous that they can’t hold supply on their own website! It should be readily available for at least until new set drops!
  8. Fantomet78

    “Raging Surf” Now Releasing in September with Tera Mewtwo ex and Tera Skeledirge ex Decks!

    I think they are reprinting several sets after their apology about there not being any products available! Looking forward to reprints of the final sets from last year and beginning of this one!
  9. Fantomet78

    Deoxys, Magnezone, Hisuian Voltorb Art Rares from “VSTAR Universe!”

    No they are making an army for Bill Cipher!