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  1. ronflex

    Genesect Revealed from “Night Wanderer!”

    Yes, because the Tower cancels the Tool effect, but the Tool is still considered as "attached" for abilites like this or Brute Bonnet. And yes, it is a good card because it provides an unique and useful effect, but its utility depends on the meta, probably will see more play if there are more...
  2. ronflex

    “Shrouded Fable” Special Pokemon TCG Set Revealed for August!

    I really hope for people who are going to Worlds that there won't be many meta relevant cards here, two weeks (no prerelease because it's a special set) or less (because people need to travel) to get the cards needed for the most important tournament of the year sounds terrible. It also means...
  3. ronflex

    Decidueye Line from “Night Wanderer”

    Some starters definitely get way more love than others, this is the billionth Decidueye card but it's still years since we don't get the full Chesnaught line, for example. Cool to get a grass United Wings pal, but ir would have been better in the previous Charizard dominant format, with...
  4. ronflex

    All 101 “Mask of Change” Main Set Cards Revealed!

    Unfortunately people already tried with Alolan Raticate that is a Stage 1 and didn't work, so I don't think a Stage 2 would get the job done.
  5. ronflex

    Alakazam from “Mask of Change”

    Luckily I already had a DP Alakazam in the Pokédex, my main problem was Kadabra because of the Yuri Geller issue, since my Pokédex rules are "only regular layout" and "only cards from EX Ruby Sapphire on" I had to break the rule for years putting a Base Set Kadabra in. Now I have the 151 one in...
  6. ronflex

    Alakazam from “Mask of Change”

    Translations are not out yet but I really hoped Kadabra had some useful abilities like Kirlia or Flaaffy, I really want to play an Alakazam ex deck but it really needs something more.
  7. ronflex

    “Temporal Forces” Set Guide: Card List, Secret Rares, Cut Cards, Products, and More!

    That Breloom is OP, for just one colorless it basically wins you the game. But I wonder what's the point of calling a judge after you already won, maybe just to tell him the result?
  8. ronflex

    Infernape Line, Pinsir, and New Illustration Rares Revealed from “Crimson Haze!”

    I kind of understand the point, but I disagree. Getting to Stage 2 is already painful in the Pokémon TCG, and it's weird since "evolution" is one of the core features of the Pokémon franchise in general, so once you get there you should be able to capitalize on a very powerful ability. In my...
  9. ronflex

    First “Crimson Haze” Cards Revealed, Including Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex!

    I just need the Bloodmoon ex SAR because there's a Munchlax in the artwork
  10. ronflex

    “Paradox Rift,” November’s English Set!

    I'll never understand why Magic can have worldwide simultaneous release of every set and allows to play with cards in every language and, meanwhile, Pokémon and Yugi have different sets, times and metagame in Japan and western countries.