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  1. Soysaucey

    “Crimson Haze” Secret Rares Revealed!

    Looking through the older sets the other day on Pokellector I miss the days when secret rares were exactly that, secret and rare. Like in the X and Y era there were so many epic rares I had no idea existed so when because they were so rare and it was actually special to pull them. But now...
  2. Soysaucey

    “Pokemon TCG Pocket” Immersive Collecting App Coming in 2024!

    Ah ok ok I'd totally misunderstood that whole situation then I'd just thought they'd hold off for a while. Still super excited for all the new mega cards and such gonna be ?
  3. Soysaucey

    “Pokemon TCG Pocket” Immersive Collecting App Coming in 2024!

    Anyone else notice the upgrade to the x y era ex cards? These are most likely gonna be what comes in all the sets next year since scarlet and violet seems to be coming to an end pretty quick here. Maybe like 5 more scarlet violet sets and then the new z to a sets start next summer. Definitely...
  4. Soysaucey

    Pokemon Day Preview Teases Tera Ogerpon ex, Tera Greninja ex, and Eevee Illustration Rare!

    Wonder if for Ogerpon they'll have like a new format for the tera cards maybe? Or like that specific card is the illustration rare version of it. The art looks a lil too special to be just the regular card but then again we'll have to wait and see ? Can't freaking wait for pokemon day ?
  5. Soysaucey

    Ultra PRO “Trick Room” Gallery Series Line Revealed!

    English "ULTRA PRO" shouldn't be called ultra or pro these are so bland. Wish they'd hire some of the fantastic fan artists out there because they'd sell WAYYYY more of these
  6. Soysaucey

    Japanese “Battle Academy” Revealed for March Featuring Eight Pokemon ex!

    Wheres the sprigatito translation? Mayhaps my page is just being slow?
  7. Soysaucey

    “Temporal Forces” Ultra PRO Portfolios Revealed!

    My guess is they wanted to have them in the duos they were revealed in, plus iron crown and raging bolt are the ones in the trios to represent the secondary types they all share. But the yeah with the ancient and future theme would've been cool to see em grouped like that
  8. Soysaucey

    50 Cards Revealed from “Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge,” Including Tera Pokemon, ACE SPEC, Illustration Rares!

    Kinda wish we'd gotten a koraidon and miraidon tera dragon ex but the paradox cards are sick. Kinda wish they'd keep doing pokemon with their normal types as the tera but these mixed up ones make sense. Overall looking like a pretty sick set
  9. Soysaucey

    New “Pokemon TCG Gift Box” and “ex Deluxe Battle Decks” Releasing in March!

    Actually it could be the new versions of iron treads and great tusk ?
  10. Soysaucey

    “Temporal Forces” Releasing in March, Another Near-Simultaneous Release with Japan?

    Oh with the nineteenth type I wonder if the cards will have like a swirled rainbow effect on them or maybe a nice turquoise for teropagos. Koraidon and Moraidon are also rumored to get new fors with the nineteenth type so that should be cool to see. All in all very exciting. Wonder how they're...
  11. Soysaucey

    Paradox Pokemon Cards and Return of ACE SPEC Mechanic Revealed at Worlds!

    Honestly would've thought they'd do a Iron Moth ex And a Slither Wing ex Much like iron treads and great tusk. Would've been sick to see. But honestly these are probably the most unique labelxlabel cards in a while because of the extra canyon wall and digital touches to them. I hope they do like...
  12. Soysaucey

    Paradox Pokemon Cards and Return of ACE SPEC Mechanic Revealed at Worlds!

    Kind of sad that they didn't wait for this set to do iron treads and great tusk ex with these epic designs. With like the sort of bland 3d art they had it could've really helped. Paradox pokemon cards are super unique though and fits the mons well. Overall, pretty sweet reveal
  13. Soysaucey

    Tera Garchomp ex, Tera Froslass ex, and More Revealed from “Raging Surf!”

    I wonder if they'll do half normal tera types and half crazy for sets here on out. I think that'd be a nice way to do it. Maybe like 6 per set. 3 normal and 3 shifted. I think it'd be awesome to see a set with the main legends (koraidon and miraidon) as dragon teras like in the final professor...
  14. Soysaucey

    “Paradox Rift,” November’s English Set!

    I still wanna see underrated mons get their first ultra rare like Tropius flying tera ex, or like a rock type crustle ex, a clawitzer ex with like a fire or a dragon type, a gogoat ex, heliolisk ex, avalugg ex, octillery ex, idk, just hope they get a bit more creative ?. So far im liking what im...
  15. Soysaucey

    “Pokemon TCG: My First Battle” Product Images Revealed!

    Blue boarders makes me miss the plasma cards ? some of my favorite sets right there. Maybe for a Black and White legends game they could have alpha pokemon but with a blue aura and call them like plasma alphas and that they're corrupted by team plasma. That could make for a cool way to bring...
  16. Soysaucey

    “Pokemon Card 151” Set List Mostly Revealed!

    So far none yet. I wonder who they're going to be ?. Snorlax ex maybe? Persian ex? Could be pretty sweet. Im surprised that we haven't gotta a flying tera Pikachu ex yet what with the preorder bonus as the game was releasing. They're covering all 18 types as normal tera cards before the wild...
  17. Soysaucey

    “Paldea Legends Tins” Featuring Koraidon ex and Miraidon ex Revealed!

    Oh phew so glad that price is fixed i love these tins.
  18. Soysaucey

    Forretress ex, Annihilape ex, Bellibolt ex, Mimikyu from “Snow Hazard” and “Clay Burst!”

    Im guessing wo-chien will be in snow hazard alongside chien pao since chi yu is with ting lu, the names kinda match so i see what they did there. That would leave each set with 2 more ex's each. Wonder who they will end up being