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  1. Whitefire

    ORAS New (Mega) Pokémon in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: Your Hopes and Expectations

    Leaf Blade was the signature attack in RSE, when all grass moves were special. They were just showcasing its signature, but it's still very special based.
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    ORAS New Teams for Gym Leaders / Elite Four

    As if NPCs haven't used 'hack' mons before.
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    ORAS What Significance Could Alpha & Omega Have in OR / AS? - Groudon / Kyogre Designs

    Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, not 'atom'. Also it's Primal Regression. They were huge and Groudon apparently used to be Ground/Fire. Yay for 4x weakness to its rival. Man, why even bother Groudon go home.
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    ORAS New (Mega) Pokémon in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: Your Hopes and Expectations

    Mega Luxray, maybe getting Tough Claws and a boost in speed. Right now it's just kinda sad... i want my favorite pokemon to actually be useful :c For actual 3rd gen mons, besides some of the posted ones; Mega Delcatty. I used one in my first Emerald game and he kicked butt.... then I...
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    ORAS Your Team in OR / AS?

    OR I'll use Swampert, Luxray, and Roserade AS I'll use Sceptile Blaziken [torchic] is so overused but ive never used it once, in all my restarts of Ruby and in emulators. I plan to make 'fancy' starters and trade them over for use when possible. Seems like a fun way to level up fancy mons...
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    ORAS Changes to the Hoenn Region's Design

    Route next to Mauville looks different. Evergrande City looks like it might actually live up to its name now. The the Space Center move from bottom right to the top right? That's weird. 10 doesn't have any water or land routes to it, so it's either accessed by boat and/or an event of some...
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    ORAS What New & Returning Features Do You Want in OR / AS?

    This. There is no color even close to red in XY, and that's a natural color.
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    ORAS What New & Returning Features Do You Want in OR / AS?

    I've played the games as both male and female [first as female], and i must say i love pretty much everything the male has but very, very, VERY little of what the female gets :\ sure the dudes got somewhat fewer options, but their options were good while half the girl stuff was skirts and frilly...
  9. Whitefire

    'Omega Ruby' and 'Alpha Sapphire' Releasing November 2014! [5/7]

    Yes, if they do get to talk [ie we understand their words] then i'd hope they'd make their little pokemon noises and then be translated with a device thing and we read the text instead of.... voice actors [pikachu weirds me out still]
  10. Whitefire

    ORAS What New & Returning Features Do You Want in OR / AS?

    RE: What New Features Do You Want in OR/AS? Yes. Remove the hats. Everyone else in the games are so advanced they don't need one. Are we so impaired as to require something to cover our precious cranium at all times with a superfluous covering?
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    'Omega Ruby' and 'Alpha Sapphire' Releasing November 2014! [5/7]

    Eeee yes awesome thank you <3 It would be neat to talk with our pokemon, but it would also be all kinds of weird. Would they speak in text? Or would they get voice actors [like pikachu][only when using the thing to talk with them id pray]?
  12. Whitefire

    'Omega Ruby' and 'Alpha Sapphire' Releasing November 2014! [5/7]

    Perhaps there is a new third team and the first two teams [or what remains of them] are trying to stop them [like how team aqua wants to stop magma in ruby version]? that could be interesting
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    'Omega Ruby' and 'Alpha Sapphire' Releasing November 2014! [5/7]

    Can someone find me a screenshot or something of that one guy in Devon that said something about understanding pokemon speak? on floor 2, with the guy that said something about visualizing pokemon dreams [which we got] and the other guy talking about reviving fossils. What with the 3ds sound...
  14. Whitefire

    ORAS What New & Returning Features Do You Want in OR / AS?

    [split] Hopes and Expectations for New (Mega) Pokémon in "Omega Ruby" and "Alpha Sapphire" If they bring walking pokemon back, i'd like for it to be optional and not have to be the pokemon in your lead slot.
  15. Whitefire

    'Omega Ruby' and 'Alpha Sapphire' Releasing November 2014! [5/7]

    Box Art mons appear to be megas. And weren't 'Mega Sceptile' and 'Mega Swampert' coined/trademarked/copyighted/whatever'd awhile ago? same with plusle and minun but skfjld starters. Swampert's mega BETTER be amazing or ill be upset :| On the other hand; I CAN HAVE A SHINX IN HOENN[probably]...
  16. Whitefire

    XY Further Improvements and (Wasted) Potential in Pokémon X / Y

    And zigzagoon and delcatty. Delcatty used to sound like a meow, now its just... mud. And i can pick out sounds pretty well. Pre 6th gen, i could memorize every single cry to know what wild/trainer mon i was fighting with my eyes closed. Now im having issues because of the seriously jacked up...
  17. Whitefire

    XY Nickname Censoring in Pokémon X & Y

    RE: Censoring Nicknames? I couldn't name my Snover 'Pinetree' Explain /that/ o__0
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    XY Game Update: Instacheck Blocked and More

    The instacheck shinies /were/ legit though; you weren't changing anything about the pokemon or anything else, just seeing what it was before it hatched, just as much as using your little IV checkers. That said, I never used it. I don't really care about any of these updates; i just load them so...
  19. Whitefire

    XY What Are You Using the Master Ball for?

    RE: What will you use / have you used your Master Ball for? Does the Master Ball transfer down like the others? I know Cherish Ball doesn't, sadly. But as I still have my MB... hmm... Maybe I'll catch a female something and breed it :P
  20. Whitefire

    XY Pokémon Playthrough Questions & Answers

    RE: Pokémon X / Y : Playthrough Questions & Answers Does fixing the time for DST mess with the game thing? Heard if you change stuff things are refreshed for 3 days. Meanwhile megastone hunting happens at 7 to 8 for me until i change it >_> can't find the garchomp one to save my life, checked...