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    (1) Ho-Oh and Lugia Figurines Available with HGSS Preorders [1/19]

    Just a tip, but for everyone who is disappointed about the arceus figurine not being included with the HGSS pre-orders you can find the same arceus figurine (or what looks like it) in something called the "Platinum Series Collection" Here is the link to the image...
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    Should I upgrade to windows 7?

    I wish it was:( but at least in Canada an upgrade disk for home premium is $129 and an full instalation disk is $224. I might take advantage of the $30 for college students deal though.
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    Should I upgrade to windows 7?

    Basicly what the title says. I am currently using a two year old computer running vista and was wondering if I should upgrade or not. The main thing I was wondering was if the $120+ price tag was worth all the extra fetures. Any help with this would be appreciated.
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    TCG Fakes Neko's Fake Creations: Cards, Screencaps, and More!

    RE: Nekoban's Random Cards I know, but sometimes I write things that are very obvious. Anyway, Do you mind if I use that colorless blank in a card I'm making? Its fine if you say no.
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    TCG Fakes Neko's Fake Creations: Cards, Screencaps, and More!

    RE: Nekoban's Random Cards I like the reprint Mewtwo and the Arceus made me laugh. I was wondering though, did you make the blank for the Arceus card yourself, or did you find it online?
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    New forum Layout

    I mostly like the changes and the fact that everything is now easier to find, except for the fact that Fan Creations is now split into Fan Creations And Fake Creations. I just think that that was unnecessary.
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    (3) 13th Trailer Soon?, Spring 2010 Tins, TPCi Twitter Account [Fake] [12/8]

    RE: (3) 13th Trailer Soon?, Spring 2010 Tins, TPCi Twitter Account [12/8] I am really loving those tins. When they come out, I think I might just buy 4 of the Feraligatr prime tins and make a deck with them.
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    (3) Gible CC Promo, DP Promo #56 Arceus LV.X Tin, Scyther from 'Revived Legends' [12/1]

    RE: (1) Scyther from 'Revived Legends' [12/1] Well, the artwork is different to say the least. But, I really think it was pulled off well. Too bad the card itself(not the artwork) is awful. I hope there are more cards with art in this style in Revived Legends. On a side note, I was wondering...
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    My Math Project Survey - Please take this =)

    Gender:Male Amount Spent on games: $47.09
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    (2) Arceus Movie Coverage, Japanese Leafeon vs. Metagross Expert Deck, Battle Starter Decks [11/52

    Currently watching the dub on youtube, and all I have to say is that Arceus's voice really doesn't suit him. I just find it too high-pitched for my liking.
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    Platinum: Arceus...breaking the code.... Anyway, I might try this if I decide to buy a box of PA.
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    DPPt/HGSS Look what I just bred, chained, or re-setted!

    Caught a Giratina with these stats, Giratina - #487 (Naïve): 28 - 29 / 26 - 27 / 1 - 2 / 18 - 19 / 3 - 4 / 29 Not the greatest, but I'll take it. Might decide to turn it in to an origin form physical attacker.
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    (1) New Unlockable PokeWalker Course: Champ Path [10/1]

    I think I will probably try to get a self-destruct munchlax just for the laughs. Just imagine, my opponent takes for ever to get munchlax to almost faint, and then I use self-destruct, most likely fainting his pokemon as well.
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    (1) 'Leafeon vs. Metagross' Gift Box to Include Online TCG Simulator Program [9/30]

    RE: (1) 'Leafeon vs. Metagross' Gift Box to Include Online TCG Simulator Program [9/3 Seeing another official pokemon battle simulator brings back memories of the one that was in the machamp starter deck. Man that game was fun... Anyways, I really hope that this program is not like yugioh...
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    (1) Oak's Letter Download Over Wi-Fi [9/21]

    I might as well buy Platinum now, I don't want to miss anymore events. While on the topic of events, Anyone know if the Oak's Letter wonder card is transferable from game to game like the Secret Key was.
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    (1) Domino's Pizza Promotion in Japan: Slowpoke, Slowbro, Slowking Promos [9/25]

    Love the Slowpoke art, it looks so carefree. Anyway, I think the icon for basic pokemon is a little useless, since I have seen 7 year olds play and they have no trouble figuring out what a basic pokemon is.
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    Avatars and art. Closed. Use new thread.

    RE: Avatars and art. Read first post. Jolteon v.2 added. Im using your Magikarp v2 avatar. Thanks!
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    HeartGold/SoulSilver 2: Return to Kanto

    Well, since no one has done it and it doesn't look like we have to reserve cards here's Pidgeot(or great Pidgeot whichever you prefer) Pidgeot 100HP{C} Stage 2 - Evolves From Pidgeoto Poke-Power:Aerial Search Once during your turn (before you attack) you may look at the top ten cards of...
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    (1) ALL 'Supreme Victors' Scans [8/7]

    RE: (1) 120+ 'Supreme Victors' Scans [8/7] That is not what I meant. Card #48/147(Zapdos) is the last rare card because card #49/149(Altaria C) is a uncommon card. So that makes 48 rare cards. The last uncommon card is card #88/147(Yanma) because card #89/147(Baltoy) is a common card. So that...
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    (1) ALL 'Supreme Victors' Scans [8/7]

    RE: (1) 120+ 'Supreme Victors' Scans [8/7] Isn't there supposed to be more common cards, or more uncommon cards than rare cards? Because there are 48 rare cards compared to 40 uncommon cards and 44 common cards.