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    Pokemon TCG Earned Record $857 Million in Japan for 2023, More Than Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, and Others Combined!

    You act like yugiohs logistics are better. If the horror stories I've heard over the years are true then yugioh is far worse than pokemon in that regard. Noting have a set limit for attendance or advance sign ups has a long list of issues.
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    Blissey ex, Scoop Up Cyclone, Ogerpon ex SIR, and More from “Mask of Change!”

    Now we just need to bring back Computer Search
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    Pokemon Presents Coming on Pokemon Day Next Tuesday!

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    “Combined Powers Premium Collection” and New February Releases Coming!

    I have never even seen the evolving powers box
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    Vessels and Vitality — Roaring Moon Is Broken

    So Roaring Moon is broken then? Thanks for letting me know ?
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    Scoop Up Net Banned in Japan!

    I know nothing about the format but last time I looked I'd say VS seeker so people have to play more than 1 copy of every supporter in their deck
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    PokeBeach Podcast: Van Gogh Collaboration is Disaster for Pokemon Fans

    I know several people who got into pokemon souly to resell stuff. One came to me and showed me a pick of 25 celebration charizard box's he bought from the local Walmart. I asked him what he was going to do with them and he showed me his ebay posting where he was selling them for nearly double...
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    “Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic” To Be Most Expensive Pokemon TCG Product Ever Sold in Stores

    400 DOLLARS!!!!!!! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF****************************** THAT!
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    First “Obsidian Flames” Card Images Revealed!

    Oh great this set is gonna be filled with all the trash ex from the Japanese starter decks. Time to get disappointed continuously by not pulling the 1 or 2 ex worth getting just like fusion strike.
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    Pokemon Worlds 2023 to Feature Festival, Pikachu Parade, Orchestra, Cruise, and More!

    I feel like the only reason they can do all this is cause their on home turf
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    Pokémon Trading Card Game Online (PTCGO) Sunsets June 5th

    "Officially launch" huh... yyyyyyaaaaaayyyyyyyy?
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    “ex Battle Decks” Featuring Chien-Pao ex and Tinkaton ex Revealed for July!

    Thank God for these decks I was not looking forward to chien pao's price if it was only in the main set
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    Full Art Ting-Lu ex & Illustration Rare Heracross from ‘Clay Burst’!

    I'll take 100 of the Heracross plz
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    Therapy Energy from ‘Clay Burst’!

    Ah yes let's make lugia S tier again... that's what everyone wants. Cause the current format has had such a wonderful reception. At least lost box takes brain power to pilot and has a variety of ways to play.
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    “Ruler of the Black Flame” Trademark Filed for the Pokemon TCG!

    Your Your the kind of person who thinks muk and voltorb are good designs just cause their gen 1 aren't you
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    “Ruler of the Black Flame” Trademark Filed for the Pokemon TCG!

    Well they aren't natural pokemon. They are cursed objects given life through the evil enfused within them.
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    Official Dates and Location Revealed for NAIC 2023!

    It's a contract they have with the convention center, and by the time this event rolls around the train incident should be a non issue
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    Official Dates and Location Revealed for NAIC 2023!

    Thank God it's in Ohio! As someone who lives in PA the NAIC for the past few years has been the only event within a reasonable distance to me.