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  1. Catastrophia

    God’s Plan — Arceus VSTAR’s Unique Place in Standard

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  2. Catastrophia

    Mismagius and Bellelba & Brycen-Man Banned by Creatures and TPCi!

    I dunno, it could be pretty good in Mad Party, but what would be about it.
  3. Catastrophia

    Nine Surprising Changes Announced for the PTCG: Fairy Pokemon Dropped!

    Very exciting times, looks like I better dust off the old Quick Ball I have in the card bin...
  4. Catastrophia

    Standard Moltres, Zapdos & Articuno

    I think you either need to build ReshiZard or the Tri-birds deck, focus on one direction or it will be sub-optimal. If you wanna go full Tri-birds have a look at this decklist created by Yellow Swellow. It uses the Hat Girls engine to power up the birdies along with Victini which I think is the...
  5. Catastrophia

    Discussion Malamar’s Last Stand

    I like the idea of Recycle Energy in the deck! Just what to cut in it's place...
  6. Catastrophia

    Discussion Malamar’s Last Stand

    Just out of curiosity what was your list in the end? Mally does have a tendency to brick hard, but the Jirachi can usually get you out of the situation. I am considering running a 1-of Tapu Fini at my Cup on Sunday to help with the Blacephalon matchup, but it would be at the expense of a Spell...
  7. Catastrophia

    Discussion Malamar’s Last Stand

    It won't let me post the decklist native (too long?) but here is a link to it on DeckTrio.
  8. Catastrophia

    Discussion Malamar’s Last Stand

    I honestly think that Malamar GG is a strong build when paired with Espeon & Deoxys-GX, the EspeOxys is a great pivot in the mirror (better than Ultra Necrozma-GX in my opinion), and you can just hold back your TinaChomps until just the right moment to take those big Tag Team KOs. I'm not...
  9. Catastrophia

    Standard Malamar + Giratina & Garchomp Tag Team Gx

    I think a 3rd Jirachi would be more valuable in this deck than a Dedenne-GX. Ideally, you wanna start Jirachi every game, and the benefit is that you promote Jirachi, allowing you to charge up your attacker on the bench and then retreat out to swing at their active. It's my opinion that you...
  10. Catastrophia

    Standard GreenZard

    Looks like a pretty standard GreenZard build to me so not much to say. I like a couple of Great Potion along with Mixed Herbs, and prefer 1 Reset Stamp over Judge (searchable with Green's). Also, Bill's is pure gas - drop a Cherish Ball and add another imo.
  11. Catastrophia

    Discussion What’s the best budget deck that survives the rotation?

    Weezing was suuuper fun to play, but it becomes much weaker in a format without DCE, Counter Energy and Rescue Stretcher, unfortunately.
  12. Catastrophia

    Discussion Cards That Work With Unified Minds Alolan Marowak?

    Yeah, I think that's about as far as it goes in the current format, but take a look a the upcoming set lists in case something pops out. One thing you could do would be to play a couple of the new Mewtwo that puts a supporter from your discard pile on top of your deck. It's no Tapu Lele-GX, but...
  13. Catastrophia

    Discussion What’s the best budget deck that survives the rotation?

    I agree; I've been building this to take to local tournaments as it's fun to play and gets people really salty if they can't work around it. I haven't been using the stadium, favouring Rare Candy and Green's Exploration (and PokeComm) to get the Omastars out, plus the Green's lets you recover...
  14. Catastrophia

    Discussion Cards That Work With Unified Minds Alolan Marowak?

    I can't think of any that really work as well as Chip Chip Ice Axe and Hiker, the one thought I did have was Lost Thunder Trumbeak - it would allow you to look at the top card of your opponent's deck at the very least and see if it's already a Pokemon with the added value of maybe making them...
  15. Catastrophia

    Discussion Fossil Lock viability (Omastar + Gengar/Mimikyu TTGX)

    Yeah, you're not wrong. They aren't hitting for weakness, but they will definitely chip away so the prize trade will be iffy unless you can reliably pull off the double Mixed Herbs play and make it more than a 2HKO. For that reason, I'm considering adding some Great Potions but not sure what to...
  16. Catastrophia

    Discussion Fossil Lock viability (Omastar + Gengar/Mimikyu TTGX)

    Hi all, I would like to start a discussion on whether you think that the fossil lock build with Gengar & Mimikyu-GX and Omastar (TEU 76) is a viable deck in the 2020 format? I've been doing some testing and I by no means think it's tier one, but I like it as a spicy rogue deck for leagues and...
  17. Catastrophia

    Help Start deck

    Sounds like a good start! The Jirachi will probably be the biggest expense in the deck, you need 2 at a very minimum (I wouldn't run less than 3) and in the UK they cost about £20 on average at the moment per card, but you can get them from £15 if you're lucky. Depending on who you pair with...
  18. Catastrophia

    Help Start deck

    Agree with snoopy369, wait and see until after Worlds and resist the urge to impulse buy. That being said, Malamar is definitely one of the more affordable decks as it doesn't rely on any newly release cards which are they their most expensive currently. The Breloom spore deck also looks...
  19. Catastrophia

    Standard Greens Vs Jirachi Reshizard Post Rotation

    I'm not sure of the Mewtwo UNB75 in the Green's list, I know it's a guaranteed Welder (or Green's) for next turn, but you don't have a way of searching it and it's then prize bait on the bench. Overall I'm a fan of Jirachi, but you have to be very careful how many 1 prize basics you play down...
  20. Catastrophia

    Ruling Stealthy Hood vs Mewtwo & Mew GX

    Thanks! That does clarify things. I must admit, I’m a Judge but I find Stealthy Hood quite hard to work out sometimes. There are cases where it’s obvious (Detention Gas, Nine Temptations etc.) but others where it’s hazy, like passive abilities.