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  1. SuperTrainerSamYT

    Help Can I Purchase Side Event Tickets Directly at Madison Regionals?

    Quick question, im attending madison regionals on saturday and forgot to purchase side event tickets online, can I just get them directly at the tournament? Thanks.
  2. SuperTrainerSamYT

    Help Is it necessary to stay till the very end of day 2 at a regional tournament?

    Just a quick question, I am planning on attending Madison Regionals this weekend, and was wondering if it was necessary to stay till the very end of day 2. For example, lets say I played well enough to earn a prize, but not to make top cut. Would I have to stay till the end to receive my prize...
  3. SuperTrainerSamYT

    Help How Long does Day Two Usually go for Regional Tournaments?

    Just wondering if anyone knew how long (in hours) day 2 in regional tournaments goes. Thanks!
  4. SuperTrainerSamYT

    Question Is it Possible to Encounter Shiny Pokemon in Sapphire with a Dry Internal Battery?

    So i am a shiny hunter who recently picked up a GBA SP with a copy of pokemon sapphire to shiny hunt. however, when i boot up the game, a message reads: "The internal battery has run dry. The game can be played. However, clock-based events will no longer occur." Before i go on a big shiny hunt...
  5. SuperTrainerSamYT

    Help Is this where I register for Madison Regionals?

    So my friend and I are planning a trip to Madison Regionals this year and I found this website ( which seems to be where you register. Can somebody just confirm this is the right website for registration? This will be the first...
  6. SuperTrainerSamYT

    Help Question Regarding Watch and Learn Sudowoodo

    I have a question regarding the attack "Watch and Learn" on the Sudowoodo printed in BREAKpoint. For those unfamiliar with the attack, here is the exact text: (F)(C) Watch and Learn If your opponent's Pokemon used an attack during his or her last turn, use it as this attack My question is if I...
  7. SuperTrainerSamYT

    'Solgaleo-GX' and 'Lunala-GX Boxes' in March!

    honestly im happy about this, it will give dusk mane necrozma a chance to shine
  8. SuperTrainerSamYT

    Help Are There Any Pokemon with an Ability that Removes Weakness from Your Pokemon?

    As many people know, Ultra Prism is dumping a bunch of metal support to "kill Gardevoir". However, I think that Gardevoir still has potential with cards like Weakness Policy and the new Solgaleo GX that is coming out that removes weakness. However, I was wondering if there were any other cards...
  9. SuperTrainerSamYT

    News Japan's December Sets: 'Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon!'

    Cyrus is not an ultra rare, interesting.
  10. SuperTrainerSamYT

    Help Are there any point requirements to play in a regional tournament?

    Are there any point requirements to play in a regional tournament?
  11. SuperTrainerSamYT

    Help Questions about Pokemon Regional Championships

    Thanks so much for the help!
  12. SuperTrainerSamYT

    Help Questions about Pokemon Regional Championships

    So this June my friend and I were thinking about attending the Madison Wisconsin Regional Championships. This would be a first for both of us, as we have only attended local tournaments in the past (League Cups, etc.) So I had a few questions. First, how does pre-registration work/do you need to...
  13. SuperTrainerSamYT

    Help Does Buzzwole go first or second?

    thanks! this helped a lot
  14. SuperTrainerSamYT

    Rowlet is top birb

    Rowlet is top birb
  15. SuperTrainerSamYT

    Help Does Buzzwole go first or second?

    so recently i have been playing buzzwole gx and have had lots of success. However, i am not entirely sure if this deck goes first or second. Any buzzwole players who can help me out? Thanks.
  16. SuperTrainerSamYT

    Help Do State/Province Championships Still Exist?

    Just a quick question: this year I was planning to attend my second state/province championships this coming spring (2018) however, when I want under the “play Pokemon events” tab on, state/province championships did not show up. So my question is, do they still exist, or were they...