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  1. Knight_of_Ni

    Worlds and 2020 Season Cancelled, Points Will Roll Over to Next Year

    >>I was sitting at home when my friends message me on discord. >>"Pokemon is kil" >>no
  2. Knight_of_Ni

    2020 Europe International Championships Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Concerns

    They should hold event like this on ptcgo. Prevents cheating, nobody gets sick, etc. Tournament organization/livestreaming would likely be easier too.
  3. Knight_of_Ni

    Standard Will's Xatu

    Hear me out: Natu/Malamar/Dragonite(Team Up)/Lance prism star/something to do 10 damage between turns Your opponent KOs something early game, you play lance prism to set up 2 dragonite, use dragonite to search out lt. surge and cynthia/caitlin, play surge, play cynthia/caitlin to put a...
  4. Knight_of_Ni

    Standard Mill-ipede featuring Water Pokemon? (Centiskorch/Typhlosion/Frosmoth)

    Well... 3 stage 1s and 1 stage 2... what could go wrong? I love the idea, and I believe that centiskorch has potential, but I feel like this is too clunky to be playable. Let me know if you get it to work somehow.
  5. Knight_of_Ni

    'TAG Team - Powers Collection' in March!

    Gotta love how there is still evolutions packs hidden in the backs of these boxes. TPCi should just give the leftover XY era packs to kids who attend leagues. Or sell them dirt cheap at walmart.
  6. Knight_of_Ni

    Gigantamax Charizard, Pikachu, Meowth, Eevee Revealed!

    So instead of making more new pokemon that resemble chandeliers, tea kettles, key chains, or some other inanimate household item, we are getting a bunch of fan favorite remade, except bigger...? Mega evolutions are cool, but gigantamax is just weird and unnecessary. Why not just make a mega...
  7. Knight_of_Ni

    Standard Probably bad, but interesting idea: Beheeyem/Kabutops

    Ok hear me out... You play the new Beheeyem from Unified Minds which has an attack that does 90 damage, shuffles itself back into your deck, and prevents your opponent from playing any items from hand during their next turn. You then bring up the Kabutops from Team Up who has the ability that...
  8. Knight_of_Ni

    Standard Spicy QuagNag (feat. Kyurem)

    Here is my current list the I referred to in my previous post: Pokemon: 18 1 ditto prism star 1 onix 4 wooper (UBO) 3 quagsire (DMA) 1 quagsire (UBO) 3 poipole 3 naganadel 1 oranguru (instruct) 1 kyurem Trainers: 33 4 cynthia 4 lillie 2 guzma 1 lana (@weezing spread: gg) 4 pokegear 3.0 4...
  9. Knight_of_Ni

    Standard Spicy QuagNag (feat. Kyurem)

    Thank you for the input, but I differ in opinion on a few things. 1) Kyurem is really good to use as an answer to weird rouge decks. True, people can switch/guzma around it, but more often than not, my opponent has to burn vital resources to pull this off. If not, Kyurem 2HKOs a lot of...
  10. Knight_of_Ni

    Standard Spicy QuagNag (feat. Kyurem)

    Thank you for the input. Does anyone have any other ideas for how I can improve this deck? I'm might consider dropping the marshadow gx for a 2nd onix. I added a 2nd onix and I REALLY like it. I think my biggest problem now is going to be zapdos. They out-speed me and take a lead in the...
  11. Knight_of_Ni

    Standard Spicy QuagNag (feat. Kyurem)

    I've been playing around with this deck idea for a couple weeks and I'm seriously considering it as the deck to play at NAIC. The idea behind the deck goes like this since it's NOT straight quagnag: If your playing against reshizard, setup quagsire and a naganadel or two and win. If your...
  12. Knight_of_Ni

    Standard Turtonator/Naganadel/Kiawe - - - Blacephalon But Better?

    Alrighty, I'll give lele a go. I'll probably alter the list something along the lines of this: - 2 shrine of punishment - 1 marshadow + 1 lele + 1 energy switch + 1 energy switch or wishful baton or choice band or ultra ball Thanks! I'll keep you all posted on how the deck performs with lele. :)
  13. Knight_of_Ni

    Standard Turtonator/Naganadel/Kiawe - - - Blacephalon But Better?

    Thanks for the response! I've considered lele before, but if I'm going to play it, I feel the need to drop the shrines. Since my original post I have made the following changes which seem to help with setting up quite a bit: - 2 ultra ball - 1 adventure bag + 3 nest ball Most of my games...
  14. Knight_of_Ni

    Standard Turtonator/Naganadel/Kiawe - - - Blacephalon But Better?

    I've been playing around with turtonator (Dragon Majesty)/naganadel online, and I feel that it has lots of potential. It plays essentially the same way as blacephalon/naganadel, but you get the added advantage of abusing shrine and not playing any GXs. Additionally, energy are sent to your...
  15. Knight_of_Ni

    Standard Take This Seriously, Please: Guzzlord GX (CLOSED)

    I really want to try this deck for fun. In theory, I feel that it has potential, but in practice, I think it is so impractical and awkward that I would be worried about not being able to get a second guzzlord in play before my opponent KOs the first one. Have you considered playing apricorn...
  16. Knight_of_Ni


    Hello everybody! I've been testing granbull lately and I really like the deck, but I feel like decks, such as malamar, could pose a problem. Has anybody considered adding a 1-1 weavile(evil admonition) line into granbull to help with matchups like this? Weavile could also help with the...
  17. Knight_of_Ni

    Standard Zoroark GX/Baby Dusk Mane Necrozma/Magcargo

    Thank you for the feedback! Finally somebody on this thread gave me ACTUAL advice.
  18. Knight_of_Ni

    Standard Zoroark GX/Baby Dusk Mane Necrozma/Magcargo

    Thank you for the feedback! I don't usually use the dusk mane for rust claw, but instead for dusk shot (60 damage to one of your opponents GXs or EXs). Zoroark gx can usually hit for 150 or 160 (depending choice band, kukui, and devour field) which usually results in your opponent retreating...
  19. Knight_of_Ni

    'GX Ultra Shiny' Pack Featuring Shiny Pokemon, Worldwide Card Legality After All?!

    Remember when having a SR card in your collection used to mean something...? In my opinion, no set should have more than 2 or 3 SRs. I like shiny things, but this is getting ridiculous. Hopefully these cards will stay in Japan.
  20. Knight_of_Ni

    Standard Zoroark GX/Baby Dusk Mane Necrozma/Magcargo

    I built a zoroark gx/baby dusk mane necrozma deck online and I have been pretty successful with it so far. Since Zoroark gx can hit for alot, but can rarely OHKO big GXs, I added baby dusk mane necrozma in the deck for late game sniping. Ideally, you guzma up something with a high retreat cost...