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  1. d22g

    Collecting d22g's Pikachu & Kanto Starter Collection

    Here are some of my cards I've collected in the past. Pikachu collection and Original 3 starter evolutions :):):)
  2. d22g

    My neighborhood in Kentucky, on my street.

    My neighborhood in Kentucky, on my street.
  3. d22g

    Pokemon What is the Most Plentiful Pokemon in Your Area?

    Louisville, KY. In my neighborhood there are Pidgeys, Bulbasaurs and Weedles.
  4. d22g

    Pokemon Starting Over (New Game) in Pokemon Go

    I was surfing youtube this morning and found a video showing how to restart in Pokemon Go. If anyone needs info on how to do this here is a video below
  5. d22g

    (1) New 'Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo's Awakening' Trailer! [3/6] more video on youtube on the red genesect
  6. d22g

    XY What Cool New Pokémon / Evolution Do You Want to See in the 6th Generation?

    RE: What cool new Pokemon do you want to see in the 6th generation? I Cardinal Bird... Fire type. A Blue Jay... Water type A Warbler... Electric type
  7. d22g

    XY Will we be getting new evolutions?

    Evos that i'd like to see from Gen1: Ninetails Rapidash Dugtrio marowak primeape golduck Electrode arcanine hypno persian sandslash along with: houndoom mismagius mienshao victini druddigon