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    2024 Pokemon TCG “Back to School” Products Revealed: Eraser Blister, Pencil Case, Collector Chest!

    Sometimes, in life, I just wish I could be a fat Bellibolt.. 🐸😌
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    Standard [POST ROTATION] Iron Crown ex + Darkrai/ Reboot Pod (Manaphy-Proof Snipe)

    Pokémon: 14 2 Iron Crown ex TEF 206 1 Squawkabilly ex PAL 247 2 Iron Valiant ex PAR 225 1 Miraidon ex TEF 122 1 Miraidon TEF 121 1 Darkrai V ASR 98 1 Darkrai VSTAR CRZ-GG 50 1 Iron Crown ex TEF 216 1 Ditto MEW 132 1 Radiant Greninja ASR 46 1 Squawkabilly ex PAF 223 1 Iron Valiant ex PAR 249...
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    Jamming Tower Revealed from “Mask of Change!”

    So much for them Ace Spec tool cards having any good use. I hope they reprint chaotic swell or marshadow to deal with this stadium. It does cancel off the annoying capsules for ancient and future box though, which is neat. ??
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    Sunkern, Sunflora from “Mask of Change”

    Maybe there'll be a weird stage 2 mon with an ability that turn all energies attached to your opponent's pokemons into Fire. That will make this card even weirder. ?? Edit: On second thought, that ability might be a bit broken. Should probably have extra conditions for it to work, like having a...
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    Tera Dragapult ex, Palafin ex, Legacy Energy ACE SPEC from “Mask of Change” Revealed!

    Its Festival Time!!! Now's their chance to reprint Mr. Rime. ??
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    “Paradise Dragona” Set Name Trademarked for the Pokemon TCG!

    Maybe some kind of item similar to Dark Patch or Mirage Gate that let you attach a basic energy from your deck to any 1 of your dragon pokemon, on the condition that you have no pokemon with abilities in play. ?
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    Hassel Revealed from “Mask of Change!”

    More like Raihan to Mela, and Bruno to this.
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    Alakazam from “Mask of Change”

    Alakazam's Strange Hack is basically the old Meowstic's Ear Influence + the confusion effect, which is kinda sad.. ??
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    Chandelure from “Mask of Change”

    You would think they'd make Shauntal a better supporter that combos well with a future Chandelure card. But this only proves how bad it is. ? ?
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    Feebas and Milotic from “Mask of Change!”

    Works against Cheren Tanks as well. But yeah, kinda lame as an ability unless we get something crazy like a nerfed scoop up net as an ability. ?‍♂️?
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