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  1. snoopy369

    Mysterious New English Promos Listed from Unidentified Product, Including Darkrai ex

    The only thing making me a bit skeptical about this being Play Labs is the Armarouge ex, being both an evolution pokemon and being able to one shot the Pikachu ex. Feels like it would be somewhat overpowered in that matchup, while the current ones have a bit more of a neutral relationship that...
  2. snoopy369

    “Twilight Masquerade” Pokemon TCG Set Officially Revealed for May!

    Y’all know that there’s going to be like… 160 more cards in this set? Maybe, who knows, they might release some other cards that make these Pokemon good? Creatures has been pretty reliable lately. Let’s give them some credit, at least until they prove otherwise.
  3. snoopy369

    Pokemon Centers in Japan Now Selling English Pokemon TCG Products! What?!

    Ehh, stores here don't get direct product ... they buy it from another store or distribution channel. Japanese stores could've done that also, and presumably did to some degree. The official stores selling it is a pretty big deal.
  4. snoopy369

    Pawmot Enhanced 2-Pack Blister Next Month!

    Obviously not completely worthless to *everyone* or it wouldn't sell at that price point :) You're not the core market for this, just buy regular boosters and buy the promo on the aftermarket for $0.50 or whatever. This is intended for parents to buy for their kids who like the coins and the...
  5. snoopy369

    “Miraidon ex League Battle Deck” Revealed!

    Does this mean it's a non-foil Forest Seal Stone???? If so I'm buying a case of these...
  6. snoopy369

    Arceus VSTAR — Can It Win Another World Championship?

    Correct, Practice Studio wouldn't do anything here.
  7. snoopy369

    Ruling Secret Hood Ability Denial Denial

    Stealthy Hood protects the pokemon it's attached to. Abilities "target" the pokemon, not the tool, so it would for example protect the pokemon (and the stealthy hood) from being knocked off by an ability that had the effect of "discard a tool from a pokemon".
  8. snoopy369

    Eevee, Espeon, Umbreon from “Ruler of the Black Flame!”

    Doubt it would be useful in GLC, given it can’t evolve … not really worth playing a Pokémon and attaching to it just to get a free attach.
  9. snoopy369

    Ruling supporter: Raihan / Roy

    Ruleboxes are not relevant, but ... knocked out "during your opponent's last turn" is often where people go wrong. Was the pokemon knocked out due to poison or something else in Pokemon Checkup? If so, then it was _not_ knocked out during your opponent's last turn.
  10. snoopy369

    Help Question about attack effect order

    Agree that the Pokémon Power works to (attempt to) block the attack. You check for things that might cancel the attack well before you apply attack effects; the order is roughly (check for things that might block the attack), (calculate damage), (apply damage), (apply attack effects). So even...
  11. snoopy369

    Cycling Road from ‘Pokemon Card 151’!

    Probably, but Radiant Tsareena is not totally out of the question. Healing is nice too in that deck.
  12. snoopy369

    “Annihilape ex Box” Revealed for July, Changes to ex Box Configuration!

    240 cap is the problem with Annihilape, unfortunately - while it's nice to do 240 for 1 energy, not hitting 280/310 under any normal circumstances means that it's going to struggle against too many decks. Perhaps with Cheryl it might do okay against Lost Box, and it's an almost perfect counter...
  13. snoopy369

    Magikarp and Gyarados from “Triplet Beat” Revealed!

    This feels like a GLC card - might be very good in GLC but is underpowered in standard given it takes two attachments for 160 or 3 for 180.
  14. snoopy369

    The Unsung Heroes of Standard

    Lost Box usually plays Manaphy, though.
  15. snoopy369

    Countering the Counters: How to Adapt with Lugia VSTAR

    Don't forget about spiral energy - can be attached to remove the paralysis (though only once since it is instantly discarded).
  16. snoopy369

    Don’t Switch Back — Fusionless Mew VMAX is BDIF?

    You're only needing to hit 280 once typically. Mew plays plenty of gust, and the idea is the Lugia player almost always has 2 2-prizers on the bench that are targetable - either Crobat/Lumineon, or they have a Lugia V on the bench. If they don't have any of those, reach for 280, if they do...
  17. snoopy369

    A Bolt from the Blue — Regieleki VMAX / Vikavolt V

    Love this deck, and this is honestly one of the most well written articles I've seen in terms of explaining a deck. Hope to see some really interesting implementations of this at LAIC!
  18. snoopy369

    Exit Strategy — Using the Final Weeks with Lost Origin to Prepare for Silver Tempest

    I'm a bit surprised both to see the focus on Turbo Mew when Meloetta seems to be making a major comeback due to Forest Seal Stone, and also to see Serena disregarded - it seems like a card basically made for Mew, who nearly never *needs* to gust things other than Drapion V, but loves to grab a V...
  19. snoopy369

    “2022 World Championship Decks” to Release!

    Not sure what your rent is, but it's pretty rare for a deck to be much over $200 USD... and plenty of sub-$100 decks with good matchups in the meta.
  20. snoopy369

    Candice, Froslass, and Glalie from “Paradigm Trigger!”

    Just imagine she has white wool tights on!