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  1. Shiny Shinx

    Trades [US & NA ONLY] SS's Antique Shop

    Nothing stood out to me, sorry. ~SS
  2. Shiny Shinx

    'Pikachu & New Friends' Blister in November

    The biggest problem I see is the fact that they're sticking with the awful diagonal refractor foil, rather than going back to the cosmos or horizontal bars patterns, or even introducing a new design. Looks like we're in for another generation of our holo rares looking like late ex-block reverse...
  3. Shiny Shinx

    Discussion Is a Lightning / Metal deck competitive?

    With both Bronzong and MegaMan rotating, no. Anyway, you should be building your decks around a specific powerful attacker, not a general type. ~SS
  4. Shiny Shinx

    Discussion Most Dissapointing TCG Set

    That sounds mildly broken. Turn 1 M Ray, almost guaranteed? No way. This is why RSK is fine the way it is. Colorless types don't need any more support. They already benefit from being completely splashable in any deck, due to their color-neutral Energy requirements. Why should they get...
  5. Shiny Shinx

    What To Do With Duplicate Cards Clogging Collections

    Check the Marketplace, I know there's a few people who are looking specifically for bulk cards, and will offer Ultra Rares or sealed products for them. ~SS
  6. Shiny Shinx

    News New Legendary Battle Decks in September!

    Hopefully with the absolutely gorgeous foil pattern as well (shattered glass/Rotom foil covering the whole card, with cosmos on the border and art background). ~SS
  7. Shiny Shinx

    [GUIDE] Is Octillery a Valid Shaymin Substitute?

    Short answer: no. Long answer: Shaymin and Octillery fill a similar niche, but are still fundamentally different cards. Compare their relative strengths and weaknesses. Octillery has two main positives over Shaymin. It is reusable without the use of scooping cards such as AZ and SSU, and it...
  8. Shiny Shinx

    Collecting Storing Pokemon Cards Upright vs On Their Side?

    Mirror holos, early BW-block secret rares (Pikachu BW & Meowth NV), WotC-era holographic rares (particularly those with star foil, rather than cosmos) and certain ex-series reverse holos are prone to bending naturally, due to the materials used in them, and there's not a whole lot that can be...
  9. Shiny Shinx

    TCG Fakes Shiny Shinx's Text-Based Fakes - Gatr and Family!

    Back after a while out, with the next Johto starter line. Thoughts? I went for more of a support line role, allowing it to be used both as Energy acceleration for other attackers, as well as a recursive attacker, similar to Entei-EX DEX. ~SS
  10. Shiny Shinx

    Standard Flareon-EX Deck!

    Assuming this is for the current format (XY-SSG), I'd make the following changes: Drop: -1 Octillery -2 Remoraid -3 Team Magma's Camerupt -3 Team Magma's Numel -1 Team Rocket's Handiwork -1 Fisherman -1 Team Flare Grunt -1 Lysandre -1 Professor Sycamore -2 Evosoda -2 in any combination of...
  11. Shiny Shinx

    Standard PRC-On Quad Zoroark Hand Destruction

    Drop Red Card, Faded Town, and Silent Lab for 3 Sky Field, giving your Poke Puffs more room for big yields. This also has the added bonus of providing one extra total Stadium to burn for Delinquent. ~SS
  12. Shiny Shinx

    What Is the Best Theme Deck?

    Night Striker (BKT) seems to be the best play, with two very good evolution lines in Gengar and Zoroark, although it (as with most theme decks) lacks in draw power, with only two Tierno and a single Giovanni's Scheme available for draw support. ~SS
  13. Shiny Shinx

    Errata for 'Steam Siege' Galvantula

    So instead of Target Whistling/Poke Puffing two Joltiks and knocking them out, I'll be able to Target Whistle/Poke Puff two Joltiks and knock them out. Neat. ~SS
  14. Shiny Shinx

    Collecting EX Team Rocket Returns Jessie Deck UK Promo Rarity?

    I will say, TRR in general tends to be a very sought-after set, since it was the only set (besides HL) to feature dual-type Dark Pokemon, which a lot of people collected for their sheer novelty. As a result, there's going to be a lower supply and higher demand for this than there would be for a...
  15. Shiny Shinx

    Alt. Format PRC-On Wailord-EX

    FFB could be a good idea, filling a similar role, giving you more time between Ninja Boy + Celebi drops. ~SS
  16. Shiny Shinx

    Alt. Format PRC-On Wailord-EX

    I'd recommend a few copies of Team Rocket's Handiwork, to help you out on your goal of decking your opponent out. You could probably drop 1 Ranger and 1 Delinquent for a pair of Rockets. ~SS
  17. Shiny Shinx

    Psychic/Fighting, gardevoir lvlX, Groudon EX

    This list doesn't help us much if you don't say which set each card (Pokemon & Trainer) is from. Until then, there's not much we can do to help. ~SS
  18. Shiny Shinx

    Palkia / Bats

    The biggest problem with Palkia that I can see is that it does nothing against opponents charging up their attackers on the Bench. If you want to go full-on control deck, Vileplume could be useful, to prevent your opponent from dropping Switches and Professor's Letters, but it means you will be...
  19. Shiny Shinx

    How to Represent the Flying Type in the TCG

    How to balance the Flying-type, and the TCG in general: Step 1: Don't fix what isn't broken. Step 2: Put the game designers to work on things that really matter, such as correcting for power creep and fixing the balance of power between EXs and Evolutions. ~SS
  20. Shiny Shinx

    Collecting Help Identifying Dark Kadabra Holo Card

    I don't think it's just due to the photo, the background texture appears to be a lot redder than the Abra just above it, being more magenta than the typical shades of violet, which is a common error in fake [P]-type cards. ~SS