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  1. FoxFire

    Standard Fire Energy Recycling (Pyroar / Charizard EX / Delphox EX)

    Pokémon: 2 Entei - Ancient Origins 15 2 Charizard EX - XY29 Promo 2 Delphox EX - XY19 Promo 3 Litleo - Flashfire 19 3 Pyroar - Flashfire 20 2 Houndoom - Breakthrough 21 Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 2 VS Seeker 4 Ultra Ball 4 Professor's Letter 2 Tierno 2 Professor Sycamore 2 Pokemon Center...
  2. FoxFire

    Pokemon Help with Pokémon Nicknames

    More ideas I've had ... Any kind of punk/troublemaker name can work for Pancham/Pangoro. I've used Roughneck and Hooligan. Since, if I remember their Pokedex entries right, Nose- and Probo- Pass always face magnetic north, you could call one Polaris ... or if you're not evolving them, Little...
  3. FoxFire

    Pokemon Help with Pokémon Nicknames

    RE: Pokemon nickname help? (Multiple pokemon) Golem - Boulderdash Sharpedo - Overbite Doduo - Doubleheader
  4. FoxFire

    ORAS Mirage Spots Open But No Legendaries Appear

    Uxie et al are the Emotion Trio. Cobalion et all are the Musketeers.
  5. FoxFire

    Pokemon Favourite Types of Pokémon

    The line between mythological and animal can be somewhat blurred, but I'd probably say mythological. I love Lucario, Ninetales, Zoroark, Delphox ... there aren't a lot of Grass-types I like, and those tend to resemble animals more than plants (Chespin line,Snivy line, Leafeon), though ... so I...
  6. FoxFire

    Pokemon Eevee-lutions

    I think it's a shame that they haven't, myself. I think a full set of Eeveelutions would be awesome. Then again, I'm apparently one of the few people who was thrilled when they introduced all those cross-gen evolutions in Gen 4. There are so many junk pokemon that could use another evolution...
  7. FoxFire

    Wi-Fi Trades Alex's Hack Request Shop

    Last Laugh (Mr. Mime) (M) @ Custap Berry Ability: Technician Level: 50 Shiny: Yes EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpA Calm Nature - Icy Wind - Charge Beam - Psyshock - Barrier
  8. FoxFire

    ORAS Pokémon Not Found in Hoenn Appearing with the DexNav?

    They're supposed to be there. At some point, the Professor should have mentioned something about foreign pokemon appearing in the region.
  9. FoxFire

    ORAS Is There a Magnetic Zone for Probopass/Magnezone?

    Is there a Magnetic Zone for Probopass/Magnezone?
  10. FoxFire

    ORAS Moss and Icy Rock in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

    (I'd swear I already posted this ... hopefully it's not in the wrong place somehow.) Has anybody found the mossy and icy rocks that you use to evolve Leafeon and Glaceon, or some other way to evolve them? I was thinking about Sylveon, then realized I'd never come across them.
  11. FoxFire

    XY Returning to previous games and regions

    I've thought about doing it just to gather up more legends to trade, or making use of moves that were TMs in previous games to put on a Mon, transfer it forward, then breed it into the line. Haven't really gotten around to doing it, though.
  12. FoxFire

    ORAS Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Gameplay Discussion and Opinions

    What interesting DexNav Pokemon have you all found? I've found ... An Ice Punch Machop A Boomburst Taillow (which flattened me, did not catch) A couple of hidden-ability Poochyenas A Pelipper holding the Lucky Egg (!)
  13. FoxFire

    ORAS Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Gameplay Discussion and Opinions

    I was wondering this about Groudon ... I accidentally KO'd it, though I had remembered to save prior to battling it and got it the second time. Deoxys, though .. yeah, I just Master Ball'd that guy.
  14. FoxFire

    ORAS Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Gameplay Discussion and Opinions

    Oh thank Arceus. I *hated* the old Safari Zones.
  15. FoxFire

    Pokemon Which Pokémon Should Gain New Formes?

    RE: Are there any Pokémon that you want to gain a new form? For the sake of this discussion, I'm assuming 'forms' means 'Formes', like Shaymin or the weather trio's Therian Formes, rather than new evolutions or Mega Evolutions. I admit, I'd like to see more gender dimorphism in Pokemon. I...
  16. FoxFire

    ORAS Shiny Beldum Level 5 Mystery Gift

    I love that it has Hold Back. It's like 'here, let's give you a Shiny ... with Move Tutor moves ... that's a Pseudo-Legendary ... at the beginning of the game ... that makes catching Pokemon easier'. It's like an early Christmas present.
  17. FoxFire

    ORAS Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Gameplay Discussion and Opinions

    First off ... this game is BEAUTIFUL. I thought X and Y were visually appealing, but OR blows 'em out of the water. I was literally in awe when at some of the scenes, and a particular mural especially. I love the fact you can actually see some Pokemon before you catch them, and them having...
  18. FoxFire

    Pokemon Mega Stones' Mystery

    Rapidash is best pony. I like that idea ... outside of a few Easter Eggs and off-handed dialogue, I've never really thought the Pokemon games worried too much about continuity*, and it's never bothered me. The Pokedex entries aren't even consistent (is Exeggcute seeds or eggs? Varies even...
  19. FoxFire

    XY Playable Character vs. Personal Character

    I try to give all my PCs a different name, so I can remember from where I got certain Pokemon when I transfer them up. I've used my name, names I use for tabletop RPG characters, anime character names sometimes ... heck, sometimes I just go 'Y'know, this guy/gal looks like a (Name) to me'. I...
  20. FoxFire

    ORAS Your Team in OR / AS?

    I'm going to breed some fresh Pokemon and trade/transfer them to ORAS. Yeah, they'll be all IV bred and maybe even EV-trained, but I won't have to sweat obedience issues. So, I'm thinking ... Mudkip - obligatory Hoenn starter Fennekin - Fire covers Mudkip's one weakness Bulbasaur - Grass...