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    Ultra PRO “Trick Room” Gallery Series Line Revealed!

    Looking at the BlackMilk merch and yeah, it looks like anime stock art that you can find on bulbapedia:
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    Ultra PRO “Trick Room” Gallery Series Line Revealed!

    I mean, TPCi has no reason to answer the question. You can just look at the merchandise. Even high-end collabs, like the ones they do with high-fashion brands, are just stock images. There was that $900 FENDI Dragonite shirt. UNIQLO seems to be the only exception, and that's probably only...
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    “Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge” Secret Rares Revealed!

    Is that Snom the first 3D art rare we've gotten?
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    A Rare Look Into the Design Process and Feedback Between Creatures and Pokemon Card Illustrators

    I agree. I feel older artists can get away with sneaking some weird off model things in (like the realistic grandma in Mimikyu AR from Shiny Treasure), but it sucks to see how newer artists are railroaded into following the reference sheets to a T. I actually would have preferred the draft...
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    Japanese Police Arrest Suspect for Selling Counterfeit Pokemon Cards Online

    TPCi makes the same money selling you a holo rare or some crazy tournament prize, so I mean... not much to actually be made here.
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    New Official Photos of Upcoming “151” Products!

    The binder collection is incredible value
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    TPCi Issues Statement on Factory Theft, No Products Impacted

    I mean be reasonable. Pull rates are suddenly halved, and people are seeing some god boxes have 20+ secret rares, and now there's all this backdoor stealing going on. I think it's a completely rational conclusion.
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    TPCi Issues Statement on Factory Theft, No Products Impacted

    I guess Fusion Strike pull rates were a test to see how low they could go while still retaining buyers. What better time to test than when everything is scalped and selling out?
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    Large Pokemon Factory Theft Comes to Light, But Probably Didn’t Impact Fans

    How many of the 27 million printed are also energy, and code cards? You get nearly as many energy in an ETB as you do regular cards...
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    Full Art Ting-Lu ex & Illustration Rare Heracross from ‘Clay Burst’!

    Nah. I'm glad they buffed the pull-rate to 2 per box. They were annoying when you bought a box and all you got was a full art. As bonuses to the guaranteed gold and alt art, I'm fine with them. Plus they look nice in binder spreads. Looks like a character select screen.
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    “Scarlet & Violet” Booster Pack Configuration Finally Revealed: Major Exciting Changes!

    There's more to opening a pack than just the relative value of cards to each other. If every two of three packs needs to have non-holo rare Quagsire and Alcremie, just to keep the prices of Zekrom and Decidueye up 15 cents, why even bother? I'm not justifying the price increase. Given how much...
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    “Scarlet & Violet” Booster Pack Configuration Finally Revealed: Major Exciting Changes!

    Rare Holos are already at 50 cents. Lowering them to 35 cents to give each pack a guaranteed holo isn't that big of a deal. Also adds a lot of value to casual consumers and children, who don't have "bulk" to begin with.
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    “Scarlet & Violet” Booster Pack Configuration Finally Revealed: Major Exciting Changes!

    One thing that I've noticed in some leaked card lists is that the uncommon/rare rarities now finally match up with Japanese. I saw an English Krookodile as an uncommon, when Krookodile has never been less than a Rare in English. A lot of uncommons in JP sets are converted to rares in English...
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    Codes for Illustrator Contest Promos Now Mailing Out from the Pokemon Center!

    The Greninja is technically legal, but there are no Froakies or Frogadiers to play it with, making it functionally illegal unless you can cheat it into play.
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    “Klara / Cyrus Premium Tournament Collections” Product Images Revealed!

    It's the scene of him delivering a speech to his grunts at Galactic HQ. I feel it's more stern than Super Saiyan.
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    Alolan Vulpix Sleeves Banned from Worlds and Higher-Level Play

    What if I purchased the sleeves to use with my deck?
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    “Scarlet & Violet” English Set Revealed for March: Silver Borders, Three Holos Per Pack, Price Increases

    As a consumer, 50 cents more for a guaranteed 1-2 extra holos is a decent value. Pretty smart because logistically it likely doesn't cost much to print all rares in foil, but the perceived value of two extra rares is much more than $0.50. Still though, most profitable media empire ever, with...