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  1. FishIsYum

    News 2018 Rotation Announced!

    Bye Shaymin
  2. FishIsYum

    News August's English TCG Set: 'Burning Shadows'

    Holy Crap, your right, if this is one of the energy filled decks, this might actually work as a good deck
  3. FishIsYum

    News August's English TCG Set: 'Burning Shadows'

    A DCE and the ability adding a fairy energy is 90 damage from 1 turn and thats not even the opponents energies. Also if you are lucky enough to keep pulling the DCE and energies, your adding another 90 each turn (plus your opponents energies). You also have the HP to spend time doing this. When...
  4. FishIsYum

    News August's English TCG Set: 'Burning Shadows'

    I can really see this being played
  5. FishIsYum

    News Worlds 2017 Details!

    Would we have to use ultra Sun and Moon and pokken tournament DX
  6. FishIsYum

    News Strengthening Expansion Pack, Best of XY Pack, and Ash VS Team Rocket Deck!

    how many ultra rares are expected to be pulled per pack of the best of XY because nearly every card is an ultra rare
  7. FishIsYum

    News New 'Pokemon Bank' Details for Transferred RBY Pokemon, Synced Pokedexes!

    I didn't get it, does this mean we get national dex in sun and moon?
  8. FishIsYum

    News First 'Sun & Moon' English Set News!

    yeah especially Decidueye
  9. FishIsYum

    News 'Roaring Skies' Getting Another Print Run!

    Is anyone still using Mega Ray from this set
  10. FishIsYum

    News 'Sun and Moon Strengthening Expansion Pack'

    do u take prize cards still? or nah