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    5 Top cards in SW / MT

    RE: 5 top card in dp sw 1 Absol 2 Honchkrow lv x 3 honchkrow 4 TGM 5 gallade
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    Porygon-Z LvX!!??

    It's just semi-good. Sure, it's oracle power is nice, but it's a stage 3 pokemon, which is awesomely slow. Plus, it doesnt have free retreat, and porygon Z isnt a nice attacker anyway. (needs lots of luck to KO blissey/gallade/most stage 2 ... 4 heads).
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    what are the top 5 decks to watchout for in cities

    1 blisseys 2 gallade + 3 mario 4 kric 5 not too sure, but maybe cards from DP3 (amphy/ weavile/ magmortar)
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    Happy Secret Wonders Day!

    Gallade definitely gonna reduce the amounts of blisseys, then this game will turn healthier. Amphy is simply waiting for some rock n roll damage spread partner. flygon might be teched. ho oh could have some potentials. raikou works nicely with electivire. absol can be pain to deal...
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    funniest thing since Scizor EX

    IMO is the stadium card in DP4 that makes D and P pokemons have free retreat. That just makes phoebe's stadium cry!;)
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    Porygon[2 and -Z] and Pachirisu [JDP4]

    Pachirisu, the future of pokemon tcg.
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    It's a bad card, end of verdict...
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    Phione in DP4

    maybe they'll have special berry on hthem that can allow them to evolve into manaphy. IMO they wont be that awesome though.
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    Glaceon LV.X

    It's not bad actually. It has been awhile where we last saw "spinning tail" attacks. This one is even better - it deals 70 to active!
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    Special Energy: MH/ND

    or like this: Double Darkness energy - special energy card U can only attach this energy card to a "darkness" type pokemon. This card provides 2 Dark energy. Any damage done to the defending pokemon is increased by 20. Discard this card at the end of ur turn.
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    6 lv.X cards in 1set?

    Like I said : Quality! Not quantity!
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    Thursday, 10/11, Gardevoir ex d, Vote for Bidoof, Free Wii Remote Jackets

    duh, there's so many cards out there and gardy ex d was chosen.... And guys, u missed blissey's matchup! BDIF!
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    Card Wishes

    I wish for 4 copies of each card from every expansion.
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    Broken decks

    for now, solo blissey.
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    Why do alot of people have it

    it's rare but not SUPER rare~
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    Rampardos MT

    gallade is actually good w himself. First use the first atk. If they dare to come out again, second atk FTKO. anyway, a simpler method is to use the atk *2 to OHKO.
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    Special Energy: MH/ND

    Holon energy DM! D - makes basic darkness energy into spec darkness energy M - U get what i mean ^
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    The wackiest KO you ever seen. T2 or not.

    i've seen not 1 but 2 of them. That happened when i was playing solo blissey against my friend which was using the 07 worlds deck which consist of empoleon and ape (he modified a bit though, and it's HP on). for 2 times in a row, I t2's him with blissey. He looked at me with amazement!:cool:
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    blissvire vs. blisscatty

    Currently Im playing solo blissey and it worked nicely. There's some flaws though - that is u dont have alternate attacker, and no delcatty slows the deck a bit.
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    Latios & Latias DP4

    From what i've heard, the 120 damage atk needs to discard 3 energies on it. The good part is that u can search for an energy before doing damage (not sure from discard or deck though.