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    Pokemon What is Your Favorite Generation of Pokémon?

    Oh cool. Thanks for the replies.
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    Pokemon Opinion on Giving Nicknames to your Pokémon

    I don't give them nicknames. I like their pokemon name already.
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    Pokemon What Kind of a Gym Leader Would You Be?

    The last thread is locked so i'm glad someone started another one. Don't know if people are following the image from the last thread but that is the one I'm going to use: 1) I went to 2) I got number 3 3) I got 2 so my gym is about dark type pokemon 4) went to...
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    Pokemon What is Your Favorite Generation of Pokémon?

    For games it would be: #1 Johto It would have been Kanto but Johto had both original and second gen pokemon plus access to both areas and having to get 16 badges. Game had lots to offer. #2 Kanto Because original. Original pokemon are so great and memorable plus the first gym battles and the...
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    Pokemon What Is Your Signature Pokémon?

    Lugia and Charizard for sure are my favorites. Can't have a team without them.
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    Pokemon People Qutting Pokemon Go en Mass following Update

    I think people are reacting as they should. Niantic released and unfinished game and the worst thing you can do is try to keep your fan based from using the feature they liked most which was pokemon tracking. Their own tracking system was broken so naturally people turned elsewhere and instead...
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    Pokemon What Would You Introduce In GO If You Were In Charge, And In What Order?

    aww man I'm ones of those who stopped playing after the third gen since they don't make them pokemon like they used too... that and I feel we are getting overrun with all these legendaries: At least I can be an expert of the first three gen pokemon. Anyways as for the pokemon go game I...
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    Pokemon Pokemon In GO Have IV's?

    I like using the silphroad site better since it gives you more exact readings of your pokemon's IV where the site the op posted just gives a percentage of how good/bad it could be. Of course you have to know the pokemon's exact level to get exact results but that's easy to figure out.
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    Pokemon What is the Most Plentiful Pokemon in Your Area?

    pidgey and rattatas are the first two common ones with nidoran both male and female and eevee are second most common.
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    Pokemon Your Lucky Catch of the Day!

    Caught a charmeleon on the way home from doing some grocery shopping.
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    Collecting Tips For A New Collector

    Nobody around me plays pokemon tcg which is why I'm glad I found pokemon tcg online. It's free and you can play for free collecting cards bought in the shop with in-game coins. You can play against AI or other people as well. Cool thing too since you like collecting cards, the booster packs and...
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    Collecting Will the Success of Pokémon Go Affect the Value of Cards?

    Gen 1 pokemon are the best. They all know it haha. I found pokemon tcg online because of pokemon go. Having a blast.
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    Pet Peeves - PTCGO?

    Hello everyone. Glad to have found a place where people talk about what we enjoy, playing pokemon card games. I just found out about this game a week ago and have been having a blast. After reading some comments here it seems most people's problem are that they are impatient. There's a 25 min...