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    Blissey ex, Scoop Up Cyclone, Ogerpon ex SIR, and More from “Mask of Change!”

    Palafin ex works more like a convoluted stage 2, but yeah.
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    Blissey ex, Scoop Up Cyclone, Ogerpon ex SIR, and More from “Mask of Change!”

    Blissey has been allowed to match Stage 2 HPs since at least SM era, maybe older. If I remember correctly it had a 160HP non-rule box card at the time where stage 2s range from 150-170. Its ex having 300 where stage 2 exs ranges from 300-330 is more or less expected, maybe a bit under. I think...
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    Blissey ex, Scoop Up Cyclone, Ogerpon ex SIR, and More from “Mask of Change!”

    Is there a stage 1 with higher HP dan Blissey ex currently? Only ones I can think of are Melmetal ex and Copperajah ex, which only matches the 300 number, and Wigglytuff ex needs a special energy to surpass that. Also Brambleghast after 4 prizes, I guess, but these are all outside of Mask of Change.
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    Aggron Line and Emolga from “Mask of Change!”

    You don't need Metang since Angry Slam only needs 1 M energy, unless you're trying to play around the tank build with Guard Claw. Personally I'd run this Aggron like Zoroark VStar with Dodrios and Gengar/Damage Pumps.
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    New Cards and Illustration Rares Revealed from “Mask of Change!”

    That Tatsugiri is so good I think even Lost Zone stuff may want to run a copy just to look for Colresses. With Emergency Board also existing this seems to be on track to the classic Stellar Wish gaming of Sun and Moon.
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    Varoom, Revavroom, and Farfetch’d from “Mask of Change”

    If there's any sort of Tool Drop attacker in the format, I'd gladly play this Farfetch'd as a 4-of
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    Tera Dragapult ex, Palafin ex, Legacy Energy ACE SPEC from “Mask of Change” Revealed!

    I would assume the Festival Temperance cards are intended to be used with TMs. Rapid Strike Jumpluff could use attacks from Scrolls twice.
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    “Paradise Dragona” Set Name Trademarked for the Pokemon TCG!

    Cant wait to see Hydrapple and Archaludon.
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    Chandelure from “Mask of Change”

    If you can consistently chain multiple Chandelures, great. Unfortunately you only have 4 candies and that Lampent does absolutely nothing.
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    “Temporal Forces” Has Hardest Pull Rates of Scarlet & Violet Sets for Highest Rarities

    As long as the minimum playable rarity is at an acceptable rate, they can inflate the special ones as high as they want. 1/20 chance for Ace Specs is painful though, was Radiant Pokemon this rare too?
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    All 66 “Crimson Haze” Main Set Cards Revealed!

    It's really weird to have a Dipplin here but not Hydrapple at all. Did I miss something?
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    “Twilight Masquerade” Pokemon TCG Set Officially Revealed for May!

    Hmm. My initial assumption is that while special conditions and other effects stays I thought you'd be able to Teal Dance again because it's technically a different Pokemon card, therefore a different ability instance. If that's not how it works, then a bit of a shame, but understandable.
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    “Twilight Masquerade” Pokemon TCG Set Officially Revealed for May!

    Quick questions 1. Can you swap to an Ogerpon ex that shares a name? e.g. Teal Mask to another Teal Mask 2. If you can, can you use the ability again?
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    Lana’s Assistance from “Crimson Haze!”

    Being able to grab 3 basic energy of any type is nice but locking out of rule box pokemon is back breaking. Definitely has uses in single prizer decks though.
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    Stellar Tera Type Coming to the Pokemon TCG in “Stellar Miracle” Set!

    My stupid guess would be the card having a Stellar Power a la VStar that is usable once per game, but with stricter restriction in usage.
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    Full Art Perrin from “Crimson Haze!”

    yes i would like four copies
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    Magcargo ex from “Crimson Haze”

    Forgot about this card because of the desync in releases, lol Also, Team Star Grunt