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  1. checkdmser

    Collecting Why my recent post got deleted?

    Ohh, gotcha. Thanks ?? got a bit confused
  2. checkdmser

    Collecting Why my recent post got deleted?

    Hey, could admins explain why my recent post was deleted? I posted a decent amount of my collection cards and it just got dusted from the forum…. Here are few photos instead of tons of them… Not selling any of them, but by sharing wanted some advice of which are most reasonable to PSA. Please...
  3. checkdmser

    Collecting OG holder, new to public community..5000+ card collection, starting to brainstorm about PSA…

    Hey guys, Been collecting the cards since 1996.. Pretty introvert for the Pokemon topic as many of my friends was stealing cards during years, so I eventually started to protect it and keep in secret. I basically understood that me getting older and would be great to start some movements with...