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  1. David Miller

    'Cosmic Eclipse,' November's English Set!

    Blastoise and venesaur attacks are so weird. I mean the first attack of venesaur literally sounds like he pooped in the woods. The attack of blastoise sounds like a wave pool.
  2. David Miller

    SM11 Miracle Twins!

    Cherish Ball is awesome. Too bad it's in a deck. Otherwise it would be almost a guarantee in our August set. Might not get it for awhile... :/
  3. David Miller

    'Sky Legends' Officially Revealed!

    Those legendary birds look like a stained glass window. So sick.
  4. David Miller

    'Sky Legends' Officially Revealed!

    It's an escape board draw accelerator. Not bad.
  5. David Miller

    SM10a \'GG End\' Mini-Set in April

    I think we get this in August. We dont know what rotation has in store for September yet. This might not be a thing.
  6. David Miller

    'Unbroken Bonds,' May's English SM10 Set!

    Okay. That artwork is pretty awesome.