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    (1) New Mewtwo Special Airing in Japan on July 11th! [6/14]

    Hyped to hear the continuation of Mewtwo's story. I hope they can pull of at least a semi-interesting prequel story to the movie, tying in the two together. At least it'll be a better explanation for the forme than what was given for the Kami trio. Seriously. Yup. :d
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    (1) This Week's 'Pokemon X' and 'Y' News Releases [6/10]

    They say as they cut Mewtwo and add Jigglypuff to SSBB. You cannot fool me, Game Freak! Anyway, fun day. Lots of information. Kinda bummed out we didn't see more Pokémon reveals (especially legendaries), but the Sky Battles and especially the Horde Encounters will be fun. Time to abuse HEs for...
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    (1) This Week's 'Pokemon X' and 'Y' News Releases [6/10]

    Every single Flying-type says hello.
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    (1) New Trailer for ‘Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo’s Awakening’ [4/17]

    Mewtwo definitely blew up more than just the roof, but who's to say that was the only Team Rocket HQ? They probably have bases scattered throughout Kanto. Maybe even some in Johto. Hearing that data could have survived in a random TR warehouse somewhere... is actually not far-fetched. It'd make...
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    (1) New Trailer for ‘Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo’s Awakening’ [4/17]

    Not really diggin the female voice for Mewtwo, who many have arguably related as the masculine counterpart to the more feminine Mew (what if they made a masculine Mew? that'd take some getting used to). There being another Mewtwo at all is confusing... Didn't Mewtwo kill/erase the memories of...
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    (1) ‘CoroCoro’ Leaks, Confirms Mewtwo’s New Forme [4/12]

    I REALLY hope this new forme tops the special attack of Attack Deoxys, by like 4 points. That'd be amazing. Or at the very least reaches the same level as Deoxys-A or White Kyurem. Increase the base stat total while you're at it, GAME FREAK. Trade some HP and Attack if you need to, Mewtwo, you...
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    (1) ‘CoroCoro’ Leaks, Confirms Mewtwo’s New Forme [4/12]

    I don't care so much what it looks like, just the idea that this'll bring Mewtwo back into the limelight. I really hope he'll have some sort of appearance in Pokemon X & Y because of this, maybe even a little side quest within the game! That'd be amazing. And, of course, Smash Brothers.
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    (1) 'Pokemon Smash' Reveals New X/Y Pokemon!

    To be perfectly honest, I don't feel as wow'd as I feel I should be... Seeing the design back when it was being labeled fake, even then, it never struck me as anything extraordinary. It's a radical look for such an iconic Pokémon, but I still feel very underwhelmed. I guess Gen V is still strong in...
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    (1) New 'Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo's Awakening' Trailer! [3/6]

    Or it could be referring to how much stronger Mewtwo has become since Ash and co. last saw him? Like, "you haven't witnessed the TRUE power of Mewtwo yet!" Still, it will be epic. Wholly smokes. Did you see how fast Mewtwo was going? Jeez I don't even I'm hyped.
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    (1) ‘CoroCoro’ Cover Reveals Silhouetted Pokemon, More Leaks Soon [2/11]

    Mewtwo? Versus Genesect?! My body was NOT ready! GET HYPE!! Also, cool Eeveelution.
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    XY What Do You Think of the Starters?

    All 3 look great, especially the Fire starter who looks like an awesome Fire-type Zorua! The Grass one reminds me a lot of Oshawott, who was my favorite 5th Gen starter anyway, so that's cool. In before Fire/Fighting!
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    Kaiju Combat

    For anyone who ever played Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee for the Gamecube, or Godzilla: Save the Earth for the Xbox might enjoy this... It's by the same team! KAIJU COMBAT - Giant Monsters. Awesome. Online. This game aims to be a massive crossover franchise - combining the forces of...
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    (1) New ‘Keldeo Figure Box’ in October! [7/31]

    Figurine-speaking, unlike the Mewtwo and Kyurem sets, Keldeo.. isn't as interesting as those two. Probably not getting this one. Don't really care that much for the cards.
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    (1) Genesect on 'CoroCoro' Cover! [7/11]

    Genesect lookin' pretty awesome. The double-eyes are weird but unique. Didn't think all the artwork we've seen floating around would get the eyes right. I always wondered what the black pixels on his sprites were at the top of his cannon... Looks like some kind of button.
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    (1) Genesect to be Featured in 16th Movie! [7/1]

    I never really saw Team Plasma as being the extraterrestrial types, but if they're into flying saucers, that's cool. That's gotta feel weird, shifting into things like that after being extinct for millions of years. Definitely looking forward to some Genesect, though. Shame the whole Mewtwo VS...
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    (1) 'Pokemon Black 2' Appears on 2ch [6/20]

    haha, Glad to know I wasn't the only one who thought that. And Black/White Kyurem's 700 BST and 170 stat for greatest offensive attack is amazing. I had a hunch it would possibly tie with or come close to Arceus's BST due to the "world's strongest dragon" title it's been handed... but nearly...
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    (1) 'Pokemon Black 2' Appears on 2ch [6/20]

    And Regigigas pretty much seals the deal... The Regis were needed to wake him up in the 4th Gen games. So how would we go about getting them now in 5th Gen...? *hinthint* Saying "pray luby and sapphile" doesn't count. i:<
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    (1) 'Pokemon Black 2' Appears on 2ch [6/20]

    haha, Yeah, it's just like Blue/Green being replaced with Lance as Champion in the RBY sequels GSC.... Oh wait. Also, dat beastly Lv100 Mewtwo. That's hilarious if he truly did take out everything with it. XD
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    (1) 'Pokemon Black 2' Appears on 2ch [6/20]

    rofl What an OP run. That guy has good taste. :d The Hoenn music sounds really good... Granted, it doesn't make me hyped, I wasn't too big a fan of the Hoenn games, but I cannot deny it has some really great tunes. Now just to wait to hear what legendaries they've stuffed into these games...
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    (2) Fall 2012 Tins: ‘Legendary EX Tins,’ 'Dragons Exalted' Theme Decks [6/8]

    lawl Rayquaza looks really derp on his card, don't really like it at all. Darkrai looks good, his pose is boring, but it's still better than Rayquaza. :d Mewtwo's awesome as usual. Looks like they're incorporating bits and pieces of his traditional 3D look back into his modern 3D model, thank...