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  1. Cobalt Phoenix

    BW-on Empoleon/ Terrakion/ Mew EX for Fall BRs

    =====Pokémon (16)===== 4 Piplup (DE-27) 1 Prinplup (DE-28) 4 Empoleon (DE-29) 2 Terrakion (NV-73) 3 Emolga (DR-45) 2 Mew EX (DR-46) =====Supporters (10)===== 4 N (NV-101) 2 Professor Juniper (BW-101) 4 Cheren (EP-91) =====Items (22)===== 4 Rare Candy (DE-100) 2 Super Rod (NV-95) 4...
  2. Cobalt Phoenix

    BW/BW2 That One Guy's White 'Locke (The Trainers' Wright of Passage)

    Yeah, jumping on the Nuzlocke Bandwagon.... Rules: Only one capture per route. I may look at different Pokémon, but I can only capture one per area. Once a Pokémon faints, it is considered 'Dead' and may not be used again. Nickname all captures. (I will be using Ace Attorney character...
  3. Cobalt Phoenix

    Sonic the Hedgehog's 20th Birthday

    It was 20 yrs ago today that SEGA unleashed their mascot Sonic on the world. Those of us who experienced Sonic the Hedgehog when it was first released were quickly drawn into school yard arguments over who would whip the others butt (Mario vs. Sonic). Now 20 years later Sonic has been featured...
  4. Cobalt Phoenix

    Macho Man Randy Savage Dies in Motor Accident

    Source He was an amazing wrestler, and will be missed. RIP Macho Man.
  5. Cobalt Phoenix

    Pokémon Cards in Different Games

    Hello all, this is my first thread on Pokébeach, so enjoy. I recently quit the Pokémon TCG last December and got into Yu-Gi-Oh! and more recently, Magic: the Gathering. I really wanted to make fake cards but thought, "Self, why do the status quo, when I can do something far more abnormal and...
  6. Cobalt Phoenix

    The 3DS Is No More D:

    Ever wondered why Nintendo revealed its new console, the 3DS, a week before April 1st? Well it turns out it wasn't just a coincidence. In a press release issued this morning, 8am (UTC+9:00), Nintendo officially announced that the 3DS was an April Fool's prank. President of Nintendo America...