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  1. Fariszk7

    TCG Fakes Platinum Valiant Survivors

    A dream come true, always have i wanted to create my own Pokémon card set as a child. "Impossible" is what i thought it was. Now that i finally have enough Photoshop experience and Pokémon card knowledge i feel like it's time i make my dream come true. This set's card choice is solely based on...
  2. Fariszk7

    TCG Fakes EX Delta Species v2

    So with the release of Metagross101’s brand new ex era blanks i couldn’t stand not to make a Delta Species v2 set. So on this thread i will keep you up to date with cards I've made for the set. I will update this post overtime and will post separate comments on this thread to showcase Holo...
  3. Fariszk7

    TCG Fakes Faris' Fakes

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