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  1. SotS

    Nintendo Direct Hub

    It just occurred to me that Pokebeach doesn't have a thread for Nintendo Directs. Lets fix that, shall we? Latest/Upcoming Nintendo Direct European Announcement: Japanese Announcement: Times: - Europe: 12AM (April 2nd) - UK: 11PM - North America (East): 6PM - North...
  2. SotS

    Lock Please

    Lock 'er up. Lots happened in my life the week I initially posted this thread. Hence the sloppiness and, though I tried not to show it in posts, the meltdown I was having.
  3. SotS

    Pixel Sprites, Art

    I live in the United States, Texas. I accept PayPal only. While I trust the members here, concealed cash/checks have given me way too much trouble in the past. Payment is highly appreciated within 48 hours of deal confirmation. Remember, the quicker it's received the quicker you get your...
  4. SotS

    Super Mario 3D Land

    That game from two years ago. The one which I hated so much for being too easy. The one that was just so. Short. Yeah, that one. I think it's now in my top three 3D Mario games (Sitting just below Galaxy, and Galaxy 2). I don't know if it's just a change in tastes, or how I've changed the way...
  5. SotS

    PSA: Super Metroid 30 cents on Wii U Virtual Console

    There's not much to say here... Super Metroid. Thirty Cents 'til June 12th on Wii U. Go get it (Even if you're not interested right now :P). Now for the thread's second purpose, and that is to discuss this game! I have owned Super Metroid... Three times now. My brother passed his Super...
  6. SotS

    [Awesomenauts] - PC

    The Gaming area here is rather sparse, so how about a new thread? Not sure if anyone here plays it, but it's worth a shot asking! And who knows, maybe you've never heard of this game and will give it a shot after reading. Before I begin, here's a video I found that says everything I say here...
  7. SotS

    Think of a game - Is it linked to any memories?

    I've played games for a long time. Since I was three to be exact. I'm sixteen now, soon to be seventeen. Needless to say, I was playing games through most of my childhood and, as such, have linked many memories to them. This isn't to say that games are the only things in my memories -- quite the...
  8. SotS

    Getting Someone Else Into The Game

    (Not sure if this forum is the right one so I'll just hope it is.) Well, basically I'd like to get someone else into the game. I know that FluffyChomp (Garchomp/Altaria) is a fairly straight-forward deck so I was looking at that. It's kind of expensive, but I wouldn't be getting Catchers or...
  9. SotS

    Want Bulk - Differing Rates, look inside for details

    I live in the US, Texas to be exact, and I will not be paying for your shipping. I'm sorry for the rude bluntness but I simply can't. As the title says, I will buy your bulk since Troll and Toad has drastically chopped their rates. I can't match their former ratio, but I still offer a pretty...
  10. SotS

    Sheimi's Newest Garden - Sorry, Sheimi's budgets are low this time, so this must do.

    United States, Texas Well, I honestly don't want to seem like I only come here when I need to unload my stuff. However it just so happened this time that when I finally looked again I needed to. So uh, hopefully you actually believe me, because that sounds horribly false lol. Rules: #1 Only...
  11. SotS

    Sooo.... Heroclix.

    I forget WHERE I heard about this game, but I was interested in looking it up. So I did. It looks pretty interesting, and even though they are probably horrible in terms of stats, I think that the Street Fighter starter looks really cool. Unfortunately, it just looks that, cool. I have never...
  12. SotS

    Next Destinies Booster Box

    So, has anyone here gotten one or seen one be opened, and if so how many EXs were there? I don't want to make the same mistake I did with EP and buy a box for the off-chance I will get catcher again...
  13. SotS

    Rates for Emerging Powers Booster Box?

    I searched for a bit and didn't see the thread for this, soo... Has anyone here opened a Emerging Powers Booster Box and have a couple rates like FA's, Catchers, Holos in general? I've never bought a Booster Box and I'm looking at this, so hopefully someone has a few rates. ^^
  14. SotS

    In Search Of [USA] Want All the Half-Arts. All of Them.

    US, Texas I pay through PayPal only, can't use Gift option (Student Account) but will pay fees. The title is enough to go off of; I'm interested in every half-art from every set. Now, I don't know prices on these things as there is a lot to look up and most of them probably won't even show up...
  15. SotS

    3DS Friend Code Exchange

    Title says all. Post your codes below if you'd like, and I'll attempt to update this first post as often as needed. It would also be helpful if you posted which games you have that are Wi-Fi compatible - be it a 3/DS or eShop title. Mine is 5026-4434-0850 - My Gamer Card name is "Christian". I...
  16. SotS

    Sheimi's Garden 3.0: Want Eelektrik stuff. Have Celebi Prime.

    United States, Texas Rules: #1: Give me offers please. I can Check lists, but prefer the former. #2: If you want EXACT conditions on cards ask me. All of these are NM to Mint conditon, unless stated. #3: Don't dare give me any of that "don't ask don't care" junk. I will NOT trade with you if...
  17. SotS

    WTB Gengar Prime- $30-$35 a piece.

    USA Okay, I'm gonna' be honest here, I'm buying these to re-sell them later. However, I know from past experiences that sometime you don't want to wait, and just want to remove the burden of guessing if the card will rise even higher or not so I just sold them. I have $100 to spend, so I...
  18. SotS

    Looking for Gengar Prime at roughly $9 a piece

    So yeah, title says all. I need 12. Yes, 12. However.... I can only buy a couple right now. Offers anyone?
  19. SotS

    WTB: Triumphant, and.... Club Nintendo Coin Inserts, look inside for details

    I'm interested in: Rescue Energy Seeker Twins I like RH for the T/S/S, but won't pay an arm and a leg for them. Reasonable offers only. XD *Just stocking up on these now, not paying full price for them - Just buying for Trade Bait/Re-sell for Christmas ^^;* I'm also interested in...
  20. SotS

    Auction: Lugia Johto Edition Plush! w/ All tags!

    United States Rules.) Bidding MUST be in increcements of $1. Shipping is not included. Shipping will be $3. I prefer PayPal, but won't make it more expensive if you pay in cash. Picture This auction is for the Lugia Plush in the picture (sorry that I couldn't get a real picture...