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  1. Vulpix Yolk

    Ruling Questions on Mega Evolutions

    I'm assuming that this is considered an Evolution. Mega Venusaur EX would not be counted as a basic Pokémon, correct?
  2. Vulpix Yolk

    Where Do You Think You Will Be in 30 Years?

    What the title says. I'm going to school to be a mechanical engie (not from tf2 :P). I think I will still live in new mexico and continue to play pokemon and collect digimons. So where will you be? :cool:
  3. Vulpix Yolk

    Ruling Exp. Share Plus Sigilyph

    If my Sigilyph Plasma Blast has two exp. share on it, and my active with two basic energies is knocked out, can I move both to Sigilyph? thanks and tlz :)
  4. Vulpix Yolk

    Lugia EX (PS # 108) {12/28/12}

    Card of the Day: Lugia EX
  5. Vulpix Yolk

    Hypnotoxic Laser (Plasma Storm # 123) {12/25/12}

    Card of the Day: Hypnotoxic Laser
  6. Vulpix Yolk

    Regigigas EX (NXD # 99) {12/24/12}

    Card of the Day: Regigigas EX
  7. Vulpix Yolk

    Accelgor (DEX # 11) {12/22/12}

    Card of the Day: Accelgor
  8. Vulpix Yolk

    Mew EX (DRX # 120) {12/20/12}

    Card of the Day: Mew EX
  9. Vulpix Yolk

    Roserade (DRX # 15) {12/19/12}

    Card of the Day: Roserade
  10. Vulpix Yolk

    Boundaries Crossed: What We Have Learned

    By: Serperior and Vulpix Yolk On November 7th of 2012, our most recent TCG set, Boundaries Crossed, hit shelves nationwide. This is a massive set containing 149 cards along with the addition of four Secret Rares, bringing the grand total to 153. While there are too many to break down, this...
  11. Vulpix Yolk

    Hydreigon (NV # 79) {12/18/12}

    Card of the Day: Hydreigon
  12. Vulpix Yolk

    Kyurem (NV # 34) {12/17/12}

    Card of the Day: Kyurem
  13. Vulpix Yolk

    Raikou EX (DEX # 105) {12/16/12}

    Card of the Day: Raikou EX
  14. Vulpix Yolk

    Dowsing Machine (Plasma Storm # 128) {12/15/12}

    Card of the Day: Dowsing Machine lol large images.
  15. Vulpix Yolk

    Klinklang (BW # 76) {12/14/12}

    Card of the Day: Klinklang
  16. Vulpix Yolk

    Empoleon (DEX # 29) {12/12/12}

    Card of the Day: Empoleon
  17. Vulpix Yolk

    Crushing Hammer (EP # 92) {12/11/12}

    Card of the Day: Crushing Hammer
  18. Vulpix Yolk

    Shaymin EX (NXD # 5) {12/10/12}

    Card of the Day: Shaymin EX
  19. Vulpix Yolk

    Toxicroak (BC # 66) {12/09/12}

    Card of the Day: Toxicroak
  20. Vulpix Yolk

    Durant (NV # 83) {12/08/12}

    Card of the Day: Durant