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  1. KennethIverHansen

    “Pokémon LEGENDS: Z-A” Teased for Nintendo Switch in 2025!

    I hope that is their plan
  2. KennethIverHansen

    “Shiny Treasure ex” Secret Rares Revealed: 170 Cards!

    Those Ultra Rares Blew Me Away...I LOVE Them, A Must-Have For Me
  3. KennethIverHansen

    Full Lineup of English “Pokemon Card 151” Products — and Pricing!

    Those numbered pages and index page for the binders, I wish that along with a set for every generation would be released..That could be Epic
  4. KennethIverHansen

    Sword & Shield Holo Pattern Revealed!

    This somehow reminds me of the foil pattern for EX Cards....I Personally won't hate that, but I don't have a final opinion until "Real" pictures are shown
  5. KennethIverHansen

    Discussion Does Dragon Need a Basic Energy Type?

    I would personally Love to see a Basic Dragon Dragon Energy, But i guess that as long as they keep DDE (Double Dragon Energy) in standard, There won't be a need for it (sadly)