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    Art Gallery Pokemon Card & Sprite Collages

    Card illus. Hajime Kusajima I wasn't sure if a post like this should go in Creative Works or Beachfront, or if it would be allowed on the site at all, but I wanted to give it a shot as I'd like to be able to post these layouts somewhere other than just Instagram. They're my attempt to celebrate...
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    Some Keldeo Cards Mysteriously Printed with New Holofoil Pattern!

    The speckled foil is cosmos not galaxy
  3. HolofoilStarmie

    Scarlet & Violet Holo Effects Revealed, Includes Foil Card Borders!

    The speckled foil is cosmos, not galaxy
  4. HolofoilStarmie

    Magic the Gathering To Release Cards with Pokemon’s Holofoil!

    I know this is beside the point but that's Cosmos not Galaxy, Galaxy is the stars pattern from English Base/Jungle/Fossil
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    Fun What is the worst pokemon card art?

    Personally I hate Stormfront Charizard, I don't understand how people think it looks good, it looks like sub-par fanart of the original and I can't believe it's by the usually amazing Arita himself. The CGI Expedition Charizard is hideous too. I'm also not a fan of 5ban Graphics work generally...
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    Introduce Yourself!

    That's brilliant, I always love hearing when it's a shared hobby :)
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    Discussion Original-ex, LV.X or Pokemon Prime?

    I'm a big fan of the aforementioned card varieties; Original Pokemon-ex, LV.X and Pokemon Prime, in fact they are my all time favourite cards to collect alongside 1st edition Base Set. Personally, my faves in descending order are Original-ex, LV.X and then Primes, although LV.X are an extremely...
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    Collecting What's your all-time favourite TCG set?

    That's really interesting, I don't play MTG myself so I had no idea.
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    Collecting What's your all-time favourite TCG set?

    I'm really enjoying the variety of answers in this thread!
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    Discussion Pokemon games from most liked to least favorite

    Very difficult to separate some but for me it would be as follows (by generation and then fave game of that gen): 1: Gen 1 (Red) 2: Gen 2 (Gold) 3: Gen 3 (Emerald) 4: Gen 4 (Pearl) 5: Gen 5 (White) 6: Gen 7 (Sun) 7: Gen 6 (Y) TLDR; Fave ever game = Red Version, Least fave = both Omega Ruby &...
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    Discussion Unpopular Opinions!

    I don't want to go nuts listing too many things (I do like to try staying positive haha) so I'm going to pick one specific thing that I imagine is probably an unpopular opinion: Video games: I thought Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were terrible.
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    Question Do You Still Play Games From the Older Generations?

    I replay all the games on a near constant basis from Gen 1 to Gen 7 :D I just never stop enjoying the games and the feelings they create, just so nostalgic and fun.
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    Collecting What's your all-time favourite TCG set?

    I'm jealous lol I opened a lot of EX Deoxys and I think gold star Rayquaza is my fave gold star. I'm always really interested to see if someone picks something other than Base Set or Skyridge as their favourite set haha, I've been here since the beginning and don't get me wrong I love Base Set...
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    Collecting What's your all-time favourite TCG set?

    That's brilliant, I don't think I ever bought any EX Legend Maker actually, I certainly never pulled a Gold Star XD
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    Collecting What's your all-time favourite TCG set?

    I'm always interested to know what people's favourite sets are, I'll get the ball rolling, my fave is EX Deoxys; Cool artwork, really unique reverse holos and the allure of EX-era scarcity :D
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    Fun Most Prized PoKé-Items of Your Personal Collection

    It would be hard for me to choose a favourite thing in my collection but I guess sealed WOTC and EX era booster boxes always feel special to me so I'll say those.
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    Pokemon What's Your Favorite Trading Card Artist?

    My three favourite Pokemon TCG artists are (in descending order): Hajime Kusajima, Kagemaru Himeno and Mitsuhiro Arita, obviously Ken Sugimori's original art is legendary and incredibly nostalgic to me but I tend to think of him more as just the official artist for Pokemon in general rathern...
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi all, I'm 27 and an illustrator and graphic designer. I've been a mega-fan of Pokemon since day 1, and much to my parents sorrow and disappointment, I still am XD I play the games and watch the series and movies, but my real love is for the trading card game. I've been aware of and...
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    First TCG Cards of Grookey, Sobble, Scorbunny, Zacian V, Zamazenta V!

    Previously I had been hoping for a more significantly different design but seeing these now I really like them, still very clean and sharp, nice borders and the white outline on the energy is nice too. I also really like the new layout for the flavour text, I'm glad it didn't vanish again since...
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    Collecting Collecting Cards of Certain Types or Pokemon

    Poliwhirl is a great favourite to have, I love Poliwhirl :) Personally I'm far too indecisive about my card organising so I pretty much just constantly flip-flop, pokedex order, set order, by pokemon, by print variation, you name it, I've not had the patience to stick with it haha.