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  1. Freakmasta

    Worlds 2020 in London, Worlds 2019 Winners!

    Correction: 2018 Worlds was in Nashville, Tennessee
  2. Freakmasta

    'Blue Impact' / 'Red Flash' Japan's XY8 Sets, Next Set Block Titled 'XY: BREAK!'

    There's an error with one of the cards: Friendly Rescue. It should be Town Map. Town Map Flip over your prize cards (The prize cards are flipped for the remainder of the match).
  3. Freakmasta

    (4) Reshiram/Zekrom EX Decks, BW Trainer Kit, Trio Badge Season, 14thTrailer [9/22]

    Oh snaps, a more cutely-drawn Araragi! Screw Sugimori's art!
  4. Freakmasta

    (1) Kyurem, Hydreigon, and Victini from 'Noble Victories' [9/21]

    Victini! Let's bust out those gamble decks (Strip Bare, Final Gambit, etc.)
  5. Freakmasta

    (1) Japan's December Set: BW4 'Dark Rush' [9/20]

    If this is the 1st step towards evolution EX's, I'm all for it.
  6. Freakmasta

    (1) Reshiram and Zekrom EX Battle Strength Decks [9/8]

    Art is pretty extreme! But, again, BASICS with HIGH HP is gettin' too ridiculous. They need to start bustin' out Stage 1 EX (Steelix-EX) & Stage 2 EX (Garchomp-EX)
  7. Freakmasta

    (1) 'Emerging Powers' Set and Theme Deck Lists [8/12]

    I'm happy. I was waiting for MAX POTION so I can finally get rid of Blissey Prime.
  8. Freakmasta

    (1) Eight 'Psycho Drive' and 'Hail Blizzard' Cards and Promos Revealed! [8/10]

    Even though I'm a dude, I'll admit Kanako Eo's art will always make me feel warm n' fuzzy
  9. Freakmasta

    (1) Mewtwo EX from 'Psycho Drive' Revealed! [8/9]

    Well, remember in JP, their packs only contain 5 cards. So even uncommons are considered rare.
  10. Freakmasta

    (2) Musketeer Trio from Emerging Powers, All 'Red Collection' Scans and Translations! [7/13]

    They have full print supporters now too? That's pretty sick. And Red Collection overall is a great set. A lot of options await.
  11. Freakmasta

    (3) Red Collection Cards, Interview with Oak + Vic Mignogna, Victini Trailers [7/8]

    Just FYI, Rugged Helmet will only work when the pokemon is active. So sniping an equipped pokemon on the bench is safe.
  12. Freakmasta

    (6) Red Collection, Emerging Powers, BW Kit, BW17 Ducklett, Plasma Eps Skipped [6/30]

    There's a mistranslation for Super Rod. You can actually grab up to 3 combo of POKEMON and BASIC ENERGY and shuffle them into your deck. It's basically the new Night Maintenance.
  13. Freakmasta

    (1) Carracosta, Cover Fossil Revealed from 'Red Collection' [7/1]

    There's a mistranslation for the card. The card states it has to be the BOTTOM 7 cards and if you find the corresponding basic, then place it on the bench. The remaining cards get shuffled back into the deck. I guess since it's a fossil card, you have to dig for it.