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  1. pokeregidrago

    “Pokemon TCG Collector’s Chest” 2023 Revealed!

    promos prob just the starters
  2. pokeregidrago

    Flying Tera-Type Lechonk Distribution, Promo Card at Gamestop!

    Not really useful but its fine we get a chonky boi
  3. pokeregidrago

    Ceruledge from ‘Clay Burst’!

    ceruledge is just a second arcanine from silver tempest. why is armorouge so much better?
  4. pokeregidrago

    Deck List for “Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR League Battle Deck” Revealed!

    O well im prob not going to get this. It doesnt even have a 3 to 3 palkia line.
  5. pokeregidrago

    “Paldea Evolved,” June’s English Set!

    The name is a bit wacky, but I hope we get some important competitive cards like the ones from Rebel Clash!
  6. pokeregidrago

    Art Rares Return to “Scarlet ex & Violet ex!”

    I'm interested in the Hawlucha! Samurott VSTAR returns?
  7. pokeregidrago

    “Heavy Hitters Premium Collection” in September!

    Its a good way to get cards that you didnt have a chance to pull before all in one box, but those v aren't even that good. It could have been a arceus vstar line or charizard vstar line