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  1. payton

    Expanded looking for current accelgor deck

    so heres my list ive liked before and want to play a version of this list for upcoming expanded so black and white base through unified minds so heres the list 2 Shelmet (PLB 7) 2 Dusknoir (PLB 104) 2 Accelgor (DEX 11) 1 Vibrava (BCR 98) 1 Mewtwo-EX (NXD 98) 1 Keldeo-EX (BCR 142) 3 Trapinch...
  2. payton

    Help Decks for post-rotation

    And I’m also really exited for slowpoke psyduck gx
  3. payton

    Help Decks for post-rotation

    I have built a great deck for beast box
  4. payton

    Help Decks for post-rotation

    Blacephalons not gonna be as good because of tapu fini
  5. payton

    Help New Combo with upcoming set

    just go for the first attack discarding supporters with a mistys engine and lapras
  6. payton

    Help Vileplume

    so I just watched the rare candy league cup finals and saw an attacking Vileplume deck and if someone knows the list post it please
  7. payton

    Discussion Best Blastoise GX partner?

    Articuno because it can one shot baby blacephalon
  8. payton

    Help Pokémon Coach ?

    so I’ve been looking into hiring a Pokémon coach to help with deck building and competitive play so if you are one or know ay good one post it and if you have any info share it too
  9. payton

    Help Beating Baby Blacephalon

    so how would i go about finding a coach for testing in minnesota
  10. payton

    Help Beating Baby Blacephalon

    What do they do
  11. payton

    Help Beating Baby Blacephalon

    ok so i see you said you hired a coach thats a thing? and what do they do/cost
  12. payton

    Discussion Granbull??

    So I’ve seen a video or 2 on a supposed rise in granbull and wanted to know if there’s a consistent way to play it and beat reshizard and baby blacephalon
  13. payton

    Help Beating Baby Blacephalon

    I just saw a list at my league That is super consistent like turn one 150 or more and stays consistent so i might try a quagnag list with other unbroken bonds techs
  14. payton

    Help Beating Baby Blacephalon

    So I’ve now seen the power and consistency of baby blowns so I want to see if there’s a deck that can beat that and beat other meta decks if you have one post it down below
  15. payton

    Dugtrio Deck

    ive seen some ideas for a fighting dugtrio deck from unbroken bonds if you have a list share it
  16. payton

    Standard QuagNag

    So I’m thinking I have a deck for lost rotation so now I want a quagnag list including unbroken bonds so if you have one post or and I’ll test it
  17. payton

    Discussion Alternatives Post-Rotation & Good Decks Post-Rotation

    could you send me those lists
  18. payton

    Help Decks for post-rotation

    Ok my bad
  19. payton

    Help Decks for post-rotation

    But unified minds won’t be legal for worlds
  20. payton

    Help Decks for post-rotation

    Yeah but people will have to make deck with that rotation for worlds