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  1. Ruben

    Gardevoir from “Pokemon TCG Online Illustration Exhibition”

    The Zacian artwork is a bit better, but not bad nonetheless.
  2. Ruben

    Pokemon Leagues to Resume Next Week!

    But what about Europe... :(
  3. Ruben

    2020 Regionals Locations and Dates Announced!

    Jeez, litte to no tournament in Europe.
  4. Ruben

    Upcoming League Promos Feature Reprinted Trainers With Alternate Art!

    Stupid that it's all an alternate art :(
  5. Ruben

    Ghetsis, Hex Maniac, and More Banned from Expanded Format!

    Wow, i'm actually surprised honestly.
  6. Ruben

    News September's SM4 Set: 'The Awoken Hero' and 'The Transdimensional Beast'

    What an awful set. Where are the important XY reprints...