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    News 20th Anniversary Set in September + Surfing Pikachu and M Slowbro-EX!

    That Rattata will be nice for tool removal.
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    XY Possible Leaked Pokémon: Diancie, Volcanion, Hoopa, and more!

    RE: Possible New Pokémon: Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa From browsing this thread, I found that some people were arguing with other people's theories. But that is just what they are, theories. This early into the release, we don't know anything. Since the 3DS cartridges are currently...
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    Wi-Fi Trades 3DS Friend Code and Pokémon X / Y Friend Safari Registry

    Forum Username: Khalddrogo Friend Code: 0044-2935-3713 3DS Games You Play: ACNL, XY Please PM me before you add me to your friend's list.
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    League of Legends

    I haven't been able to play for 2 weeks due to issues with my client. I'm hoping a hard drive wipe and reinstallation of Windows will fix my pc.
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    League of Legends

    Well I can finally play now. I've spent the better part of two days trying to get my client to work. I finally fixed it.
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    Finished Werewolf XVI: A New Melee. Rejects Win.

    RE: Werewolf XVI: A New Melee role obtained
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    Finished Werewolf XVI: A New Melee. Rejects Win.

    RE: Werewolf XVI: A New Melee I'm in.
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    League of Legends

    Description from Wikipedia; I did not see a thread for League of Legends on the forums, so I thought I would make one. I recently started playing back in October. I'm only level 16, so I still have a lot of learning to do. The purpose of this thread is to post all discussion, questions, and...
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    (1) P!P Player Awards System Updated [3/19]

    I think everyone that is complaining should rethink their logic. You feel entitled to get these rewards due to the past. I know the top 100 thing sucks, but oh well. Instead of complaining on the forums, send TPCI an email with your concerns. They do care about their players. But the point is...
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    Brave Vesperia, No I did not sorry. It's actually just a close in of DiZ's rendered image from...

    Brave Vesperia, No I did not sorry. It's actually just a close in of DiZ's rendered image from Kingdom Hearts 2. I forgot to change the title from a past avatar.
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    Alright I made the appropriate changes. Thanks again for the advice, always helps. Especially since I am now getting back into the TCG after a three year leave.
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    3DS Discussion Thread

    I got the demo; I loved the first Mystery Dungeon game. (that was for GBA correct?) Thought I would give the new one a try. I enjoyed most of what I played. I'm glad you can pick off in the retail game where you left off in the demo. The question is will I have the money for this game. I already...
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    Pokemon - 17 3-3 Weavile PLF 4 Exeggcute PLF 3 Sableye 2 Darkrai EX 2 Tornadus EX PLF Trainers - 33 4 Juniper 4 Pokemon Catcher 4 N 3 Ultra Ball 3 Level Ball 2 Dark Claw 2 Super Rod 3 Dark Patch 2 Ghetsis 2 Energy Switch 1 Downsing Machine 1 Random Receiver 1 Town Map 1...
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    [Future]EggWeasel- Weavile PLF, Exeggcute PLF, Ho-Oh PLF

    RE: EggWeasel- Weavile PLF, Exeggcute PLF, Ho-Oh PLF I feel like if you are going to add in Sableye, then 2 Super Rods would work fine. A late game Junk Hunt for that needed Catcher and other item can win you a game.
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    Name Change Requests - Closed.

    RE: Name Change Requests Please change my name to Khalddrogo. Thanks! Done. Please put your previous username in your usertitle or signature. - omahanime You should get a new OIAF avatar for the new OIAF name.
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    Pokemon How to Keep Up With Pokemon!

    I've liked pokemon ever since I was little. Sure I was made fun of in late elementary/middle school, but I never really shoved it in people's faces. I have had quite a bit of friends in high school, seniors even that play the Pokemon video games and such. Just try to find your niche. I am even...
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    Final Fantasy 14

    If you didn't already know, FFXIV is set for a september 30th 2010 release. Instead of a RPG like FFXIII, FFXIV will be a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game; along those lines at least) My brother and I plan to buy the game and try it out. He spent 2-3 years on FFXI, (The...
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    Games From Your Childhood

    My friend was awesome and lent me her gamecube and some games. One of the games was, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. This was the game that got me hooked to sonic and I played it so much when I was younger. Just post what games you remember playing the most. Stories, memories and etc are allowed...
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    They should make a sequel to...

    I completely forgot about Custom Robo! The game series hasn't gotten any new games since 2007. But the GameCube game was one of my favorites. I played it so much.
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    Avatar: The Legend of Korra

    I read it. I couldn't find where they flat out said it was a sequel. Even if it's 70 years after the show, doesn't mean its a sequel. If it actually says it's a sequel, tell me where to look in the press release.