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    +1 Sorry it took so long, I've been away.
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    PoptartG4791 Trade Forum! [H:]LEGEND [W:]Prime

    These things caught my eye: 1x Uxie LvX 2x Weezing GS 3x Call Energy 2x Rare Candy
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    W: Gardevoirs, Mawiles, JPN cards H: Donphan/Tyranitar Prime, other stuff

    RE: W: Gardevoir/Mawile | H: Unleashed I'm interested in your 2x Weezing HGSS. Please CML.
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    PoptartG4791 Trade Forum! [H:]LEGEND [W:]Prime

    I didn't see anything else, sorry.[hr] It's been traded, sorry. I'll go update my list.
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    PoptartG4791 Trade Forum! [H:]LEGEND [W:]Prime

    Didn't see anything, sorry.[hr] No thanks. I don't need Steelix anymore.[hr] No thanks. I don't need Steelix anymore.[hr] I'm interested in your Gliscor X and your Kingdra Prime.[hr] I am interested in your: 2x Garchomp C X.
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    PoptartG4791 Trade Forum! [H:]LEGEND [W:]Prime

    1x Hitmonchan 129/127 1x Scyther 130/127 1x Magmar ex (e-reader) 1x Shining Magikarp Mow rotom I have these, my list need to be updated. I'm interested in: 1x Mewtwo X 2xDonphan Prime, if you have them.
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    CML for Uxie Lv X.
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    PoptartG4791 Trade Forum! [H:]LEGEND [W:]Prime

    I don't really see anything that I want... It says that you have a lot of non-holo stuff. Would you trade random bulk MD-on for them?
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    PoptartG4791 Trade Forum! [H:]LEGEND [W:]Prime

    I'm interested in your Steelix (Prime).
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    PoptartG4791 Trade Forum! [H:]LEGEND [W:]Prime

    Updated my wants. Ummm... Yeah.
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    BW/BW2 Light-Type, Why or Why Not?

    You could trade between 2nd and 1st gen games and there were new types in those. Why wouldn't you be able to trade between 4th and 5th gen games? It'll be just like the 2nd gen games where you can't trade any new Pokemon because time machines don't like them. :]
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    [H]CoL Raikou!! All HS and more! [W]Shiny Entei, Groudon and Rayq, need Lugia EX and some promos!!!

    RE: [H]Unleashed, HGSS and more! [W]Crobat Prime and more, help! Please see my list for Xx Steelix Prime, and a Donphan Prime.
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    H: Unlisted Beta Cards x3, BW cards, Lvx's, Primes, etc... W: Pokemon Collector, DCE, Emboar 20

    RE: H: Donphan Prime, Kingdra Prime, Jumpluff, Entei/Raikou LEGEND W: Tyranitar Prime, Absol G, PGX, Luxray X. Please see my list for a 1xDonphan Prime, XxSteelix Prime, 2xKingdra Prime, and 1x Entei/Raikou LEGEND top.
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    Pokemon Your Very First Shiny? What Did You Think, And How Did You React?

    RE: Your very first shiny! The first shiny I ever caught was a shiny Gyarados in Silver version. I also caught a shiny Golbat in that game. Another Gyarados in Gold version. Another one in Crystal. None in Ruby or Sapphire. In Emerald, the Zigzagoon that I had to save Elm from was shiny. And in...
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    +1 Great.
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    +1 Great.
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    +1 Great.
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    +1 Great.
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    +1 Great.