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    BW/BW2 The Trade Now Thread

    Thanks for the replies, but I finally got one. :)
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    BW/BW2 The Trade Now Thread

    Does anyone have a HGSS Hoothoot? I don't mind the level, as long as it's not above level 20. It also has to be from a retail cartridge. I can trade a Venonat or something else like a Bellsprout. Thanks. xD
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    Really depressed...

    Well, Porygon had a good suggestion, at least. :P School counselor? Yea, right. :P
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    Your browser

    I use Firefox, but the other ones are all decent except for Opera.
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    Really depressed...

    Any suggestions on what I could do to feel better? I'm not going to say what all is bothering me, but try to come up with something. :(
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    (2) Official Arceus Images, Shaymin U.S. Airing / Review [2/13]

    RE: (1) Shaymin U.S. Airing / Review [2/13] It's alright, but I wish Pokemon would go back to the basics and get rid of the 3D effects they have in the movies. Make it hand drawn again, too. They're lazy! XD
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    Um, are the forums dead?

    Do people still think the site is gone forever? xD I see no new posts here. :o Well, I know I'm very happy it's back and the new style is quite nice. :p
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    I pulled something cool from a booster pack!

    RE: The "I pulled something cool" topic. At the Diamond and Pearl Pre-Release Tournament I pulled an Infernape Lv. X, but I couldn't use it. :( I didn't have any Monfernos.
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    A Fake Naruto set (Pokémon style)

    Wow, I really like this idea. The Gaara card looks cool, but I suggest making the text a little smaller. :)
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    Bubba235's 1ST Spriting Contest!

    It's kind of hard to make a spriting contest fair with one judge. I've experienced this before and it is not pretty. I'm a good spriter and I would be willing to be a judge, but it's up to you. Sorry for any trouble... :)
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    Tuesday, 11/6, Kingdra ex d Card Review, Entei / Rayquaza in SSBB, OP Press Releases

    RE: Tuesday, 11/6, Kingdra ex d Card Review, Entei / Rayquaza in SSBB, OP Press Relea The Kingdra card review is good. I thing Kingdra/Seadra is awesome, so I might actually use it. When I first saw the SSBB update, I saw the video but decided not to watch it. I forgot about it until I found...
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    Pokemon If we all turned into pokemon....

    I think it would be cool, but I wouldn't want to be one the rest of my life. We would get to see how strong we are against other Pokemon and we can do pretty much whatever we want.
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    Guitar Hero III

    Did anyone get it? I think it's a great game. I love playing "Welcome to the Jungle" on hard mode, but expert is insane.
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    Have you ever noticed?

    RE: have u ever noticed....? I wish they would keep using the old cards... I also hate how every year they make the list of discarded sets for OP bigger. I would like to use the first set now.
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    The new Animé is bad now...

    Seriously, Hoenn was a little bad, but when they changed the voices in one of the seasons after that it just went down the drain. Now it's the same old thing all the time. Also, why did they change how Pikachu looks? Pikachu looked so much better back in the seasons before Hoenn. And why did...
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    Why does everyone think Halo is so great?

    In my opinion, it's just your average FPS. I don't really see anything special about it at all. What do you think makes it so great?
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    The Command and Conquer Thread

    I guess I'll revive this thread, :p. I have most of the games. The one I play most now is Command and Conquer 3, but I occasionally play Generals. I actually like them better than the previous ones.
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    Crysis Demo

    What settings were you playing the game on? I could play them on medium and a couple on high with a 8600GTS... It's a great demo, but the dead body part was a little too scary for me. :p
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    14 too old? (just another one of those age threads)

    I have the same problem... I watch the anime and collect the cards too, and I can see how that might be a little childish. But when people say it's stupid that I play the game I get a little mad.
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    I think you are the only one that watches it... Most of the shows on that channel are stupid now.