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  1. icedragon258

    XY Possible Leaked Pokémon: Diancie, Volcanion, Hoopa, and more!

    RE: Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa? I can confirm that Cresselia is still pure psychic i had a fight in the battle institute with a guy that used legendarie and one of them was cresselia and i had salamence i used dragon claw on it and it did neutral damage so it means it's still pure psychic
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    Added u back :)

    Added u back :)
  3. icedragon258

    I added u back :)

    I added u back :)
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    XY What new smaller details would you like to see? Things! Environment! Random events! Etc.

    Guys if you remember in Pokemon Fire red and R/S/E you'd always hear a random cry of a pokemon you can encounter in a specific route or cave like exploring a cave then you hear Zubat's cry that was really cool !! I'd love to see this little thing coming back in Pokemon X and Y , just think about...
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    Pokemon Illogical Pokémon Evolutions

    Oh and guys can someone explain this one to me Feebas a super ugly pokemon when it evovlves it turns into a stunning beauty water legend Milotic !!! :D
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    Hi pal!! nothing really other than the excitement for pokemon x and y :D and you ?

    Hi pal!! nothing really other than the excitement for pokemon x and y :D and you ?
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    Hi there Drohn

    Hi there Drohn
  8. icedragon258

    XY Pokémon X and Pokémon Y: Which Version Do You Plan To Get? Why?

    RE: What version are you getting? Why? I'll be getting pokemon y because i like Yveltal more than Xerneas even though clauncher and swirlix are cooler than spritzee and skrelp so i'm just gonna trade them from friends plus Y is the first letter of my name so i gotta get Pokemon Y just for that :P
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    XY What Pokémon Do You Want in Your Team for X / Y? Post Your Current Team / Ideas Here!

    RE: Your X&Y Team? Fennekin or chespin depends on their evolutions clauncher Noivern Pangoro or absol (can't decide both of them are cool and absol is my favourite Pokémon of all time plus it's mega evolution looks so epic man it's hard to chose between these two ) and i'd go with lileo or...
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi there guys i'm icedragon258 a big pokemonfan since i was a child . I live in Morocco and i'm 15. My hobbies are playing video games , playing football (soccer ) and reading . I joined pokebeach so i can meet other pokemon fans so i can enjoy playing pokemon games with them . Pm if you want to...
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    Wi-Fi Trades 3DS Friend Code and Pokémon X / Y Friend Safari Registry

    RE: 3DS Friend Code Registry & X/Y Pre-Registry Thank you for creating this thread so here's my FC : 2079-6860-5408 and my username is : icedragon I'd love if you add me because i'll add you :) ! PS : the games i play are : SM3L and MK7 and Ocarina of time 3D and of course Pokémon X AND Y :D