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  1. Electricbluewolf

    Where to Buy Pokémon Singles UK

    Magic Madhouse is predominately what I use, though I 90% of the time buy of Pokemon Facebook pages, get it for cheaper and more cards available.
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    Major Changes Coming to 'Fates Collide' Prereleases!

    I went to two Pre-Releases and pulled: FA Glaceon M Audino M Altria M Alakazam Diancie EX Holo Delphox As I'm in the UK we didn't get the little set of cards or even out promos as they weren't delivered (no one in the UK has had them apparently) Weezing and the stadium that prevents...
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    Inconsistant Shuffling on PTCGO

    So as we all know one of the key elements to a good deck is the constancy. Your opening hand should be varied and supportive of first or second turn and try to include the set up, or various cards that lead to the set up, in your hand. The problem I have faced many time online is the shuffling...
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    Pokemon TCGO update bug?

    I had a problem of it freezing at %8 and then wouldn't connect to server-change my IP address and cleared it, works perfectly now
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    Collecting "How Much is This Card Worth?" / "Is This a Good Trade?"

    Yes, there called ink bubbles as it's often when air is trapped within the printing process :)
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    Think of a Budget Deck Under $40 with Potential

    You don't play 3 Shaymin in Nightmarch, at most 2, that's if you're really pushing it. One of the points of Nightmarch is that your opponent has a 5/6 card KO not 3. Got to say Garchomp is good once it's set up.
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    Collecting "How Much is This Card Worth?" / "Is This a Good Trade?"

    Apparently the ridged design on some full arts in another combat against pack weighers. I've seen from breakthrough onwards full art with a flat effect.
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    Collecting How to Get a Solid Trade Binder?

    I'm afraid the only way to get a good trade binder is by buying. You could pick up bundles of trainers for cheap. The high-value cards (battle compressors, vs seekers muscle bands) never come cheap. People also want a good trade for them. You could try and sell the cards you don't need and your...
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    Major Changes Coming to 'Fates Collide' Prereleases!

    I wonder if there will be another way to collect the pre-release cards. Around me there is only my local league that run pre-release, and at max we run two, if we have the numbers. I don't want to be travelling 50+ miles (as that's the next one) to get just a different card (and having to spend...
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    Questions Before Transitioning from Theme Decks to Competitive

    Hi there, welcome to the TCG! It's great to get new players here, the more the better. To answer your questions: 1. Yes, usually people put concept decks or full decks they've used, with the tactics to use behind them. When people post decks they usually post how many cards, what cards there...
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    Discussion Tips to counter Seismitoad EX / Giratina EX and Trevenant?

    You could always put Hawlucha in there, special energy and muscle band to Manectric is enough to knock out
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    What are the odds of TPCi discontinuing the Battle Arena Decks?

    The problem is when you say legal in any tournament does that mean unlimited as well? As that means they would have to release just a Standard deck, as that can be played in Expanded and Unlimited but it's going to be very small fish big pond. $30 for 2 complete decks, even if they are a little...
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    Discussion Tips to counter Seismitoad EX / Giratina EX and Trevenant?

    Unfortunately there isn't a deck that effectively guards against everything, otherwise everyone would be playing it! Jirachi XY67 is good for taking that DCE off of Toad, and with no effective way of bringing special back Toad shouldn't be much of a problem with that. Hell it'd slow Giritina...
  14. Electricbluewolf

    Collecting Hardest Set to Complete

    Hmmm I suppose it depends on budget. I see people try to collect every VS set and it's very hard to-the older cards even though many are around, the rarer ones people don't want to let go of. English probably (Shadowless) 1st Edition Base Set-every card. The holos go for £15+ and the Charizard...
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    "Pack to Power" in Pokémon

    The problem with Pokemon cards is that the value, let's say, of current packs and the contents does not reach over £25. MtG as stated can have low low prices to 600+. It might be better to do it to a Secret Rare Ultra Ball as they're more expensive than Shaymin. I think it would work in real...
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    How to Teach Pokemon

    Is it teach how to play or to teach about? If it teaches how to play what about just printing off cards? Trainer Kits are already made up so they're ideal, and are fairly simple
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    News Mythical Pokemon Collections

    I presume a lot of people thought it would be like the Radiant Collection cards-even the commons had a pattern, Purrloin had a chandler behind it as part of the pattern. I've just read the article and quite disappointed-liked the look of the Japanese version but as I don't collect Japanese cards...
  18. Electricbluewolf

    Blog Should You Really Buy This? Analyzing the Hype and Prices Behind BREAKpoint

    And 40+HP, making the magic numbers even harder to hit. It'd be interesting but I think Bats/Gengar would be more popular, as for free ability you can get the DMC done. Though Silent Lab/garb/Hex can shut down, I think Trev/Gengar/Bats is quite heavy on evolution. There's going to be someone...
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    Blog Should You Really Buy This? Analyzing the Hype and Prices Behind BREAKpoint

    Great article, I've found the price of BreakPoint has really been hyped, with people first asking £20 for a FA Espeon, and now it can be purchased for £10. But I see Delinquent and Fighting Fury Belt a popular thing to purchase for a whole multitude of decks
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    I've eaten to many cracker

    I've eaten to many cracker