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  1. RealArity

    Contest PokéPoetry! #10: 5-7-5 Edition - Congrats, Ephemera!

    Treecko - Tomorrow's Forecast Underneath a branch The thick leaf makes haste for sun Before midnight rain Some key traits are noted (hanging upside down from its toes and having what appears to be a big leaf-like tail), but I hope to draw attention to its ability of predicting the weather with...
  2. RealArity

    Contest PokéPoetry! #10: 5-7-5 Edition - Congrats, Ephemera!

    Feeling creative, Will give this contest a shot Good luck everyone!
  3. RealArity

    'Remix Bout,' Japan's July Set!

    I'm pretty disappointed by this. Not only did Charizard and Venusaur get their 2nd TTGXs (plus the 2 other Zard GXs from earlier in the year), but they completely missed out on an opportunity to at least give Swampert a GX considering its counterparts got GXs previously. Not that I'm surprised...
  4. RealArity

    Top 8 Finalists Announced for Pokemon TCG Illustration Grandprix!

    How about they just hire all of them? All these options look like great card art material!
  5. RealArity

    Contest May 2019 CaC: Coin Flips! (Results Up!)

    11th hour submission here we go: design notes: Carbink Prism Star's HP is approximately +30 against an average Carbink. Weakness is standard for Rock-types, and Retreat Cost of 2 has appeared on past Carbink. The coin flip mechanic is centered around the Weakness multiplier, as seen in the...
  6. RealArity

    'Kanto Power Mini Tins' Product Images!

    I ain't gonna lie, I really think that TPCi as a whole (not just the TCG) has been milking Kanto way too much, even accounting for LGPE. That said, I love the tin art, and if not for the concept of having the Pokémon just being embossed on the tin top, I'd consider it worth buying just for the...
  7. RealArity

    Contest May 2019 CaC: Coin Flips! (Results Up!)

    Pencil me in for image. Gotta give this one a shot!
  8. RealArity

    Contest PokéPoetry! IX: Poets Strike Back (Congratulations, VioletValkyrie!)

    I originally had an original song planned and it was pretty rushed, almost like a song demo, but it focused too little on Shuckle and too much on its owner. So I had to rework the song. The final submission was really only done like uhh, over the last 2 days, so please have mercy :( It's pretty...
  9. RealArity

    SM11b 'Dream League,' Japan's August Set!

    I'm very curious as to whether Sawsbuck, the most neglected one, will appear in this set. Time will tell!
  10. RealArity

    Contest PokéPoetry! IX: Poets Strike Back (Congratulations, VioletValkyrie!)

    I'll give it a shot with a song then. Count me in!
  11. RealArity

    Contest March 2019 CaC: Attack & Defense! (Results Are Up!)

    when you 4th omega oof Congrats to all winners and top 3 folks! T'was a great contest and I'm guessing I did okay-ish for something that I haven't done for a few years now. Looking forward to seeing everyone's improvements in the next competition, and best of luck to all who will be...
  12. RealArity

    Contest PokéPoetry! IX: Poets Strike Back (Congratulations, VioletValkyrie!)

    Maybe I might! I am considering the possibility of a song amongst a few options, which is why I'd like to know how the songs are judged.
  13. RealArity

    Contest PokéPoetry! IX: Poets Strike Back (Congratulations, VioletValkyrie!)

    Not sure if I'm competing (torn on that due to my perceived ineptitude of poetry), but for now I'm just curious as to how songs are judged. Do you just write lyrics and call it an entry or do you need to record vocals, instrumental etc.?
  14. RealArity

    'Unified Minds,' August's SM11 Set!

    Oof, so many cards. Will be hard to pull stuff you want from boosters, but I guess that's what buying singles is for!
  15. RealArity

    'Sky Legends' Officially Revealed!

    I've waited for this moment... she finally got a card! I haven't bought any cards for quite a while until yesterday to commemorate the official opening of Pokémon Center Singapore, but when the English SM10 comes I'm gonna buy boosters for Froslass.
  16. RealArity

    Art Gallery Violet's Photo Album

    First time seeing this thread. Those cherry blossoms are really pretty! I'm travelling to Tokyo and Fujikawaguchiko starting the coming weekend, so I'll be looking forward to the sakura blooms as well. But I digress - nice photos indeed. Keep up the good work!
  17. RealArity

    Contest March 2019 CaC: Attack & Defense! (Results Are Up!)

    Basically count me in for image. It's been 73 months since my last (and first) CaC... design notes: Synergy with Wela Volcano Park (DRM 63) for trapping Burned Pokemon is the basis of this card. Fairly standard basic info for Solrock: 90 HP is the higher end for it, [G] weakness is par for...
  18. RealArity

    'Remix Bout,' Japan's July Set!

    Great... another Kanto set that, given the word "remix", is just gonna be more reprints of Gen 1 cards. How disappointing. I'm still waiting for the Froslass card for Gen 7 which just seems more and more unlikely (unless she gets paired with Glalie on a TTGX card in GG End).
  19. RealArity

    TCG Fakes Status Marker Dice

    I like this, it opens up the possibility for future cards with attacks that allow you to roll the dice for a status condition. (Also an extremely valuable source of salt from opponents, but pretend you didn't hear that from me!)
  20. RealArity

    TCG Fakes Galar Region Starter Cards

    That Sobble has Mudkip's Pokedex entry. But otherwise they look alright to me!