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  1. Midnight

    New Pokemon Officially Announced, But It's a Glitched Image!

    Yep and one more time the leak was real so i just assumed upon team yell reveal that all of that its true so not realy suprised or anything but im astonished that he has only fighting type not flying/fighting
  2. Midnight

    Full Metal Wall in February

    Its sad that blastoise didnt get tag team card i would like to see him with manaphy or kyogre
  3. Midnight

    McDonalds Toys and Cards Coming to Happy Meals This Month!

    Oh man i cant wait to get this in Poland.I hope it will arive not like oras colection
  4. Midnight

    News 'Dark Order,' Japan's October Mini-Set!

    Still waiting for normal type yveltal tho