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    Fidough Illustration Rare from “Scarlet & Violet!”

    "Plumps" is the best attack name
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    First TCG Cards of Grookey, Sobble, Scorbunny, Zacian V, Zamazenta V!

    The promo set numbering looks really ugly
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    'Pokemon V' Mechanic Announced: Zacian V, Zamazenta V from 'Sword & Shield!'

    Or finally do the bloody Japanese pack sizes/prices/ratios.
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    Several 'Dream League' Cards Revealed, Including Special Full Arts!

    Oh, Dream League is a Masters tie-in, isn't it
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    SM11b 'Dream League,' Japan's August Set!

    Hopefully I would ever take art with the trainers in, but I'm ready and expecting for the set to be just normal Pokemon and new Trainer cards
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    Ultra Ball 'Ultra PRO' Products Releasing in July!

    Well not the sleeves, the Pokemon logo right there in the middle ruins it
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    'Dawn Wings / Dust Mane Necrozma Premium Collections' in May!

    Trollandtoad But these boxes are big and costly enough for them to just throw a custom charge on it nearly all the time. (Which can cost more than the box) You might be better off just buying the figure and getting the jumbo box from somewhere here.
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    'Dawn Wings / Dust Mane Necrozma Premium Collections' in May!

    They stopped at the start of XY. The starter figure boxes just kept getting delayed and delayed for months until they were canned. I think we missed on the following Sylveon Collection aswell, then come the Xerneas and Yveltal collection boxes we started getting the Jumbo packs in instead...
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    Azelf from SM5+!

    Beacuse he's a wrestler not a boxer?
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    SM5+ 'Ultra Force' Releasing in January!

    Am I the only one seeing the metal symbol in the metal reprint or am I crazy
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    News Japan's December Sets: 'Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon!'

    The art makes me nostalgic for Windows 95
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    News Japan's December Sets: 'Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon!'

    Oh my god please let the next few sets essentially be RR sets, one at a time
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    News Japan's SM3 Sets for the 20th Movie Feature Ho-Oh and Necrozma!

    Is Bruxish going to be one of those Pokemon where every art looks basically the same
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    News Marshadow Officially Revealed! New Movie 20 Trailer!

    3 and 6 doesn't. But on a whole, yeah that was kinda obvious. They do it as the regular anime won't get to them for a while so they can shill merch of them.
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    News 'Islands Waiting for You' and 'Moonlight of Alola': Japan's Next Sun and Moon TCG Set!

    Maybe it's just where I get them from but I can't remember the last time I got it the same day as the set.
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    News 'Volcanion' and 'Magearna Mythical Collection' Boxes in January!

    Wrapping up the whole year of mythical distros and boxes with a bunch of stock Sugimori art is kinda depressing.
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    News 'M Camerupt-EX and M Sharpedo-EX Premium Collections' in April!

    Why not just make them RS-style Exs if they're going to keep printing cards they should have moved on from