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  1. Hâlian

    Have a General Forum Question? Includes FAQs! - Updated 22/02/18

    It doesn't occur under Windows 10 for me, only under Linux (both using Firefox). Will try clearing local data on the latter's Firefox.
  2. Hâlian

    Have a General Forum Question? Includes FAQs! - Updated 22/02/18

    How do I change the default font for the website? Everything's in a monospace font for me and, to be brutally honest, it looks ugly.
  3. Hâlian

    TCG Fakes The Fakers' Marathon 6 - 1,185 points!

    And here's some more cards!
  4. Hâlian

    TCG Fakes The Fakers' Marathon 6 - 1,185 points!

    Here's my first entry, Decamark GX!
  5. Hâlian

    TCG Fakes Base Set Rebalanced (feat. Jungle and Fossil)

    Chris Rush illustrated 124 cards, and every one is a home run.
  6. Hâlian

    TCG Fakes Site: EX-CardMaker

    I remade my March 2021 CaC entry using this tool, and rather enjoyed doing so. Gen III is my favorite generation, TCG included. :3 If I might make a suggestion, I'd like to see holosheets added.
  7. Hâlian

    General Name Changes

    Hâlian (which I requested ages ago and didn't know I also had to post here orz) When the change is made, please redact my old username from this post. PMJ edit: New change allowed June 30, 2023
  8. Hâlian

    Pokemon TCG Officially Announced for Mainland China, New Printed Language for Cards!

    Fairy type is an abomination. So have been the parade of power-creeping gimmicks of the last few generations.
  9. Hâlian

    Magic the Gathering To Release Cards with Pokemon’s Holofoil!

    There are also 31 different combinations of the five colors (including colorless) that could be mixed and matched to the Pokémon types.
  10. Hâlian

    Unprecedented Video Showing How Pokemon Cards are Made from Start to Finish!

    That was really cool to look at! I do wish we could get a look into the game design of PTCG, similarly to Magic, but there is the matter of language and cultural barriers. :/
  11. Hâlian

    Discussion Vmaxes, ADP, and the Terrible Power Creep

    As a primarily MTG player, I, too, recoil in horror at what Pokémon has become of late. It's starting to look a lot like Yugioh with normally-sized cards.
  12. Hâlian

    Contest March 2021 CaC: Generation 4 (All Results Up!)

    Put me down for an image entry, please!
  13. Hâlian

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi all :3 I came for the custom cards. Absent Pokémon, my interests include Yugioh, Magic: The Gathering, Duel Masters/Kaijudo, Legend of the Five Rings (CCG), tabletop RPGs, board games, video games, micronations, conlangs, conworlds, TV, military uniforms, football, baseball, hockey, auto...